3 Concept Eyes Water Gloss Review

The newest addition to 3 Concept Eyes product is Water Gloss. As a fan of their lip products, I couldn’t resist myself to try it and ending up buying one colour which is Chewing.
The packaging is standard, just like their lip lacquer packaging. 
There are 10 colours in total, mostly are bright colours.
I don’t know why this plain packaging still attracts me, unlike other brand 😐
This sticker is there to prove that it’s a brand new product. 
The usual lip gloss applicator. It works fine, especially on cupid bow area which need more precision. The product on the applicator usually comes out too much, but it’s not a problem for me. I can just apply it over and over again on my lips. Hehehe..
From all colours for this line, I think that the one that is most suitable for everyday use is Chewing so I picked it. 
Although the colour looks different with the colour from Style Nanda’s website, I think it’s just depend on how many layers we apply it. 
Chewing is a soft rose pink colour. It’s like MLBB (My Lips But Better) colour.
First of all, I really love the colour, just like I stated above because it’s like MLBB, and that’s why it’s very wearable for my daily makeup look. 😀
The texture is just like most lip gloss but not feeling sticky. The finish is glossy and I can see that the colour become more vivid after few seconds/minutes (I’m not sure). And what makes me love this water gloss more than other lip gloss is the moisturizing effect. I can feel that my lips is really really moisturized, maybe because the second top ingredient for this water gloss is water itself. 😀
Since it’s just a lip gloss, don’t expect too much for the lasting power. But still, it leaves stain though the gloss itself has fade away.
– moisturizing
– pigmented 
– smells nice
– not sticky
– none
At first I was quite skeptical with this product. I thought it will be just the same with other lip gloss, but I think this one has a really nice quality, as expected from 3CE cosmetics 😀 
The selling price is USD$20.92

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. That is a very very beautiful shade! Upclose it's super milky and light but your full face photo it looks more rosy! I would love to try one from this line! I've heard plenty of complaints about how their online color swatches are not accurate but the color still is so pretty! Love the texture!

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