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After School Nana First Love Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Few weeks ago I got a request to make After School Nana in First Love MV makeup tutorial. I’ve been wanting to try to create her look for a long time and finally I made it now. ^^
Her look is very simple but stunning. She is very pretty already, so with any type of makeup I think she is still and become prettier XD
Okay, let’s start 😀
1. Start with clean face. I have applied toner. 🙂
2. Apply moisturizer if needed. I used BRTC Jasmine 3D Whipping Essence.
3. Apply primer. I used Verikos Ultra Matte Velvet Primer.
4. Next is CC Cream. I used Graymelin CC Base Cream. It really evens out my face 😀
5. Then I use my favorite bb cushion from Etude House: Precious Mineral Any Cushion.
6. Last step is apply concealer to cover any imperfections on face. I used The Balm Time Balm Liquid Concealer. 
7. Fill in your brow using color that match your hair color. I used Etude House Drawing My Brow #1 and Etude House Color My Brow #1.
8. Apply eyeshadow all over your eyes. I only used one colour: Nature Republic Botanical Eco Crayon Eyes #4 Brown and blend it upward.
9. Draw eye line that is pointed upward like cat eye. I used It’s Skin Model Project Liquid Eyeliner.
10. Line lower lash line with black eyeliner/eyeshadow (from Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette), and leave the middle part unline. 
Then apply mascara (I used Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express Mascara). I didn’t used any upper false lashes to avoid having double eyelid. Then I place lower false lashes only in the outer part of the eye.
11. I highlight my nose bridge, cupid bow area and area above my cheek without using any blush or bronzer.
12. Then for the last step apply light pink lipstick. Sorry for the ugly lips photo, that’s because of the lipstick 😐 I used Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick No. 7
For this photo I just changed my lips color into red 😀
I used 3CE mini lip lacquer #3.
Tried so hard to pose like Nana but I looked so fat T.T
Without hat:
It’s so simple, right? I’m sure you can do it too.. Sorry if it isn’t look alike, Nana is too pretty :’)
But still hope you like it ^^
Thank you for reading ( ˘ ³˘)♥

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Ahh thank you for the tutorial, ! I looove these pictures, you always turn out great! *o* (The pictures without the green beanie are omg amazing, those are my favourite. 😀 In a non-creepy way ahha)

    And btw, I absolutely love the "First Love" song, I abused the repeat button when it came out haha. Still love it! *u*

  2. wah mukanya kliatan mulus banget, halus, kinclong dll.. flawless banget dah pkoknya… kpn bs pnya muka se flawless it.. >.< kalo rmbut nya dbkin kyk nana gitu pasti makin miriiip kek kembar dua… love it..! sering2 bkin tutorial ala artis Kpop yah rin.. hehe… <3

  3. hahahha you're too kind, June, I don't think that mine is that good >.<
    yes I think I look weird with the hat XD

    as for me, I like flashback much better than first love, june, especially the MV.. but I admit that it's a good song. now I'm addicted to T-ara's new song: No. 9 :DD

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