Aritaum Honey Melting Tint Review

Hi girls!
When I was browsing through Aritaum’s website, I saw this new lip product called: Honey Melting Tint. It looks super tempting in the picture that I decided to try two colours from 10 shades available. Will it impressed me like their Wannabe Cushion Tint? ^^
Aritaum Honey Melting Tint doesn’t come in a box, I think most of their products don’t come in a box. That’s a good news for me, because by not having a box, they will make the product packaging prettier, right? 
Honey Melting Tint packaging is very simple, but the colour on the packaging is the same with the colour inside. 😉
There are 10 colours available in total, I picked No. 2 Sugar Syrup and No. 9 Peach Crumble. 
Can you see that it’s sealed? Hehe.. Just to let you know that it’s a brand new product.
Actually I was quite worried when I saw the real product because of the plastic material. But actually it’s sturdy and there’s no problem with the twisting part 😀
-right: with flash-
No. 2 Sugar Syrup is a baby pink colour while no. 9 Peach Crumble is a orange coral colour. Maybe you already know that I don’t really like orange colour, but I’m fine with No. 9. In fact, I quite like the colour because it looks kinda coral. 
The name Honey Melting Tint is in accordance with the fact that it glides smoothly on lips, that feels like it melts into your lips. Hihi.. It’s very creamy and also glossy, makes your lips looks healthy. ^^
Besides, it has a very pleasant scent, it’s a fruit syrup scent, very sweet 😀
For me, the pigmentation is great and of course it’s moisturizing, I feel like applying lip balm when using this tint. Don’t ask me about how long it will last on my lips because I feel that every lips products are almost the same (except Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure 😉 ), it will fade away after drinking or eating but will leave a hint of tint. 🙂
FOTD using no. 2:
Softlens: Ageha Rich Blue from Japan Softlens
FOTD using no. 9:
Softlens: Ageha Rich Grey from Japan Softlens
– glides smoothly on lips
– nice packaging
– have a nice syrup scent
– moisturized my lips like lip balm
– reasonable price
I’m very pleased with the quality of Aritaum Honey Melting Tint. For matte finish, I have Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint (read the review here and here) that is my favourite and now for glossy finish, I have Aritaum Honey Melting Tint 😀
The price is reasonable too. Can’t wait to try other lippies from Aritaum hihi. In fact, I’ve been eyeing on their Style Pop Pudding Tint which has very cute packaging and color! But since i’m not too fond of conventional tint, I don’t give it a try. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. kpn2 bikin post khusus lippies collection dong XD pengen liat wkwk
    eh packagingnya yg ini kok mayan plain ya >_<
    km keliatan stunning bgt di foto pertama <3
    eh btw kok skrg km ga pake pake watermark di foto selfiemu rin? *_* ati2 dicolong lho

  2. wkwk kapan2 ya vee, saat aku ud bikin larangan blanja lip product untuk diri sendiri XD
    hahah plain tp bagi aku kliatan menarik, mungkin karna glossy yaa..
    hihi iy kah? makasihhh Vee :*
    aku ga pernah lho pakai watermark d foto selfie aku, abis rasanya gmn gitu, masa watermark-in foto muka aku sndiri? maluuu XD

  3. Oh please please do get the pudding tint! I have been eyeing both the pudding tint and the one you reviewed here today. 😀 I finally tried Aritaum 2 months ago and I love the colors they put out. I want to order the lip color now too (in darker colors) so thank you for reviewing it 🙂 I agree that all lip things in general have the same amount of staying power usually unless they are a lacquer like Lipnicure.


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