Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 4: Pyeongchang – Donghae – Gangneung

I think I should finish my Korea Romantic Winter Tour trip post before going on another trip. XD
I hope I can finish the post by the end of this month. :p
So after enjoying ski and super delicious Korean beef on day 3, another exciting itinerary was waiting for us at Day 4. 
The agendas are: 
– Riding monorail and tour of ski jump tower
– Walking on the bridge at Mukho Harbor
– Gangneung embroidery experience and tour of Museum of Oriental Embroidery
– Sightseeing at coffee street of Anmok Beach
This will be a very long post so be prepared 😀
Previous day I couldn’t take view from my room hotel because it’s dark already so before I started that day activity, I went to veranda which was so cold and took some pics. ^^
Our breakfast area. The food is great but the bacon tastes weird to me.
I just realized that this photo is very pretty with the light behind the Christmas tree *.*
Actually I didn’t have any clue about that day activities. I read the tour schedule but I didn’t really get the idea. Okay just call me babo, I was too excited for the tour to not even realizing that monorail and ski jump tower are related to height! >.<   Our next destination is the ski jump tower. We have to ride monorail to get to the ski jump tower area.         These photos were taken when I was inside the monotrail. As I am a phobia of height, this view made me goose bumps. But this is nothing compared to what I will see next. ;_;       Finally arrived at ski tower area. Actually we can ride bus too to get to this area but for more exciting experience, Buzz Korea provide us with monorail ride. ._.         This is the Alpensia Ski Jump Tower. We have to ride elevator to 2nd or 3rd floor, I forgot to get to the jumping area.    The athletes train here, they said.   Great view, isn't it? That's our hotel area on the right side of the photo 😀     Andddddd when we went outside, as you can we can look down because the floor is like that. Speechless >.< Moreover, I was wearing heels ankle boots which means the surface is not flat, it scared me so much. T.T   The others went until that far, but I decided to went back inside and stay together with Sujin >.<       As I know, this place will be used for 2018 Winter Olympic. ^^   I am not brave enough to go there T.T   After that, we went to upper floor. Thankfully, the floor is not like the previous one so I can walk peacefully. X'D     Awww so sweet, the love lock reminds me of Namsan Tower ^^           We continued on our next destination which is East Sea or Donghae. By the way, that day was not too cold. The Buzz Korea team kept reminding us to wear thick cloth and jacket because they were afraid that it might be so cold, because it's near the sea. But actually the weather was just fine. XD   So colourful 😀                   I believed that Donghae is one of The Heirs filming location. When I saw the episode which Park Shin Hye left Seoul and start her new life, I wanted to say: "Aaaaa.. I know that place. I've been there before, it's Donghae!" Feel so happy just because of that? Crazy or not? X'D   By the way, we have a really long walk from where our bus stop to the lighthouse area and the bridge. The way is uphill and I felt so tired hahaha.. But when reached the lighthouse, all the pain was gone because the view is so amazing!   Blue sky and blue sea. How pretty is that? *.*         Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love the blue sea so much 😀     Group photos , miss you guys <3   The house looks lonely XD   See the couple on the lighthouse? Kkkk..     Then we continued our way to the bridge. Thankfully it's not uphill anymore but downhill 😀        It's a shaking bridge. The more you move, the more it's shaking. Hahaha.. Quite an interesting experience 😀 Say hello to Amy, her artwork is masterpiece ^^   Then we still continued our way downhill until we reach the normal road again.             And now we're heading to lunch!    We went to 400 Years House Chodang Sundubu in Gangneung, it's best know for its soft tofu.       In the process of cooking.   Side dishes.   Waited several minutes and it's done. Love the colour, I could feel its spiciness already XD   The tofu is really really soft and tasty, just like its name. It's different from other tofu I've tried in Korea. ^^   When we went outside after finish eating, we could see that neighborhood ahjumma and ahjussi were making kimchi in large scale. Wow :O       Some of the finished kimchi.     The next exciting thing looking from the agenda is visiting The Museum of Oriental Embroidery  in Gangneung and experiencing it.         So this is the museum. The building looks very simple but what's inside will be your eyecandy *if you like history like me* 😀     Full of souv enirs.   The museum is located in the second floow.     This is the Head of the Museum which introduced us about the museum before started the tour.   As the name suggest, the museum is filled with embroidery from the past. Not only from Korea, but from China and Japan as well, since these countries are very related each other. First we went inside the Korea part, then we went to next room which displays embroidery from China and Japan.              The Head of The Museum explains to us the difference between Korea, China, and Japan embroidery and I gain so many knowledge that day. Make sure you visit this museum if you go to Gangneung, you will not regret it. ^^     The Chinese embroidery.   After finish looking around, it's time for us to try the embroidery ourselves. 😀 I chose pouch, the other options are eco bag, and pencil case.   They gave each of use our choice with symbol on it. It's Gangneung unique symbol if I'm not wrong. ^^       After finished with the embroidery, we supposed to write our name with the markers. :3   That's the example but we didn't do that complicated work because lack of time. Hehehe..   The teacher explained to us how to do it. I learned it before when I was in elementary school but totally forgot it now because I never did it again. This kinda refresh my mind kkkk..   See how serious I am? XD XD XD   I don't really like the colour given so in the end, the instructor let us choose the colour by ourself. Yeay 😀   Once again, the instructor shown me how to do it because I couldn't see it clearly before since I was sitting at the back.   Now I could do it like a pro :p   2 hours is not enough. Huhu.. I haven't finished mine because I picked too many colours. But it still looks okay, right? 😀   Thank you for the nice experience, Sonsaengnim!    Actually we should visit this place but since we're late and it's closed, we went to our dining place.   For dinner, we will eat malguksu which is a Korean noodle, served in chilled broth.     I want to eat this so badly now >.<           So that's the ice and broth.       And this is the noodle before mix it together with the cold water.       I eat the hot one though because I don't like cold noodle ._.   After finish eating, we went to our last destination on that day, yes it's the coffee street at Anmok Beach. Wow..  There are around 20 coffee shops alongside the beach o.O   Too bad it's dark already so we couldn't enjoy the beach view. The wind was so chilly brrr..   This is the cafe we went to. All of us went to upstairs hihi.   Besides coffee shops, there are also restaurants there which sell fresh seafood. 🙂   Inside the coffee shops. Finally there was a flower I could take picture of :'D   It's Seolki's drink. Look so good in photo ^^   Mine is hot chocolate. Kkk..     Never forgot to take selca ahahahah XD           We spent quite some time there, maybe around 1 hour or more. The view must be better on afternoon when we can relax inside and look at the beautiful beach outside. ^^   That's the short video if you want to watch 🙂     That's all for my Day 4 post. I hope it doesn't make you bored XD   Other related post:   Korea Romantic Winter Trip Haul Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 1: Seoul Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 2: Buzz Korea Awards 2013 Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 3: Yongpyong Ski Resort   Korea Trip Day 1: Myeongdong and Namsan Tower Korea Trip Day 2: Ewha Woman's University, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong Korea Trip Day 3: Nami Island Korea Trip Day 4: Jeonju Hanok Village       See you soon !~            [snax_content]

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