Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream Review

BB Cream is one of my daily makeup product routine. Because my face is oily and acne-prone, I think it’s time to try BB Cream that specifically mentions for acne control.
Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream claims that it is a tri-functional cream solving at a time all the agony of whitening, wrinkle care and sun screening which sensitive skin inevitably brings up. Althaea officinalis extract, cavacava extract calm downs skin softly and lemon balm, rosemary, green tea extract and sweet almond oil provide skin with moisture and nutrients to keep skin healthy.
Click to enlarge the photo.
Manufactured and expired date are stated below the box clearly.
Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream has a white glossy tube with twist-off cap. Nothing cute with the packaging, that’s okay since what attract me this time is the name and my expectation of this BB Cream.
Although it’s a Korean brand, but I’m happy that they explain every detail in English. 😀
Now let’s move to swatch area:
The texture is light and easy to spread.
As you can see from the pics, it has grey undertone. The moment I finished applying it to my face, I look like a ghost!  I know that most Korean BB Creams have grey undertone to brighten the yellow undertone. It’s not that obvious when I look at myself in the mirror, but in the camera I look like a ghost. Hahhaa.. -,-
But don’t worry, it doesn’t take a long time to oxidize and match my skin color. After few minutes, I don’t look like a ghost anymore, it brightens my face, but doesn’t look fake. The finish is matte.
It smells like herbal medicine. It’s not bothering me, I just think of it as part of healing my acne. Hahaha ._.
ural indoor lighting-
-with flash- See that I look like a ghost? ._.
The advertising poster says that it has medium-heavy coverage. Is it true?
For people having redness and many acne scars like me, I think this is one of the most important consideration when you want to buy face makeup product. From my experience, with just one layer, you can only cover the redness, while the acne scars that are big and red like mine, they’re not covered by the BB Cream. But, you can build the coverage without feeling cakey! You just need to tap tap it slowly on areas that you want to have more coverage and you can see that it works. I’ve tried it and yeay for the result. I don’t have to use concealer anymore. (^0^)/
Oil control:
Having an oily-combination skin, I feel that my nose area is oily after 5 hours of application. With or without primer, the oil control is just the same. As for cheek, it takes more time to become oily. 
I have just used it daily for more than 1 weeks so I can’t comment much on the skincare part. I should say that I don’t break out when using this BB cream, and one of my pimples getting smaller, I don’t know is it because of this BB cream or new skincare product that I have, but all I can say is I’m okay with this product. If I see any permanent improvement after using this BB Cream for much longer time, I’ll update it here. 🙂
If only it smells better, I would gave it 5 rating :p 
Rojukiss Enca AC Control BB Cream is availabe at Wishtrend for USD21.99. For you who want to try new BB cream, especially for troubled skin, I think this is a great choice: giving you coverage while helping you to reduce the skin problems. ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. lumayan mahal jg ya harganya sama kayak BRTC 😮
    aku masih belom nemu BB cream yg lbh bagus dr Dr. Jart Silver Label ku sih ^^''' bahkan kemanyobain sample nya Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream cover nya jg kurang mantep, warnanya gray-ish abis lagi -___-
    ini beli di mana ci BB cream nya?

  2. Hi! Are the grey undertones in the BB cream annoying? I have never used makeup or any BB creams before, but I have oily and acne-prone skin like you… So I was wondering if this was any good? And do you also have any recommendations about blackhead removal makeup? And is the Surprise Stick Concealer or Surprise Essence Concealer by Etude House better? Thank you! And sorry about all the questions! I'm new to makeup, haha.

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