Skin Food Tea Tree Emulsion Review

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A soothing emulsion for troubled, oily skin, containing tea tree oil and willow herb extract that control excess sebum.
To Use: After essence, apply emulsion and rub gently with palms to absorb.
Capacity: 160ml
This is my second emulsion from Skin Food that I’ve tried. The first one is from Lettuce Cucumber range. I tried this one because they said this one is good for acne-prone skin. I don’t know why I was having so many acne at that time. 🙁 Okay, let’s start the review. 
It comes in a heavy glass bottle packaging. As usual like other skin food’s products, this emulsion also looks vintage for me. At the top of the cap, there is a skin food logo:cute cupid :3
Manufactured date: 9 December 2011.
What I don’t like from the packaging is why it doesn’t come with a pump so the emulsion can come out easier. -_-” Sometimes the emulsion came out too much and sometimes not enough for my face. And I think it will become harder to come out when there is no much left of it. Imagine how I need to shake it few times before it wanna come out. Errrr..
The colour is milky white and it smells like tea tree. But the scent is not too strong. I’ve tried Beauty Credit Tea Tree Emulsion before and I think the Beauty Credit’s scent is stronger than Skin Food’s.
I use this after applying toner and serum. I just pat pat it on my face to let it absorb faster into my skin. But I still feel sticky for around 3 or 5 minutes. 😐 
As for the performance, it’s just another so-so product for me. I have used it for two months and sometimes I still break out. It doesn’t help the healing process also. I still used it just because after usage of two months, the product left is still up to 70%. -,- I think I have to finish it up before trying other emulsion ._.
Rating: 2,5 out of 5. I couldn’t find what I really love from this emulsion except for the packaging. ._.

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Written by virgo

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