Sponsored Review: Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Cherry

Do you like to drink Coca Cola? Don’t you want to taste Coca Cola on your lips? :9 

I was surprised when Reine Doll Shop sent me this for review purpose. Lip Smacker Coca Cola Cherry? Wow.. I was so excited to try it out. xD

The lip balm colour is just the same as Coca Cola colour: red cherry colour. It’s slim and made of plastic. 

The colour is red on the tube but when I swatched it on my hand, the colour is actually quite sheer and not as red as on the tube.


I’m happy with the result. Not much difference from my actual lip colour, only it gives me more glossy look. And yes it really smells like Coca Cola and cherry xD When I lick it, it’s really sweet. Too sweet I think. ._.

What I like:
 Coca Cola and cherry scent <3  moisturise my lips  looks really natural on my lips  makes my lip glossy but not too much What I dislike:  it's too sweet  If you already bored with ordinary lip balm flavour like strawberry, orange, etc, then you should give this a try. Just now I browsed Lip Smacker's website and I found so many flavours there, all of them are so unique xD You can buy this from Reine Doll Shop , they sell so many US drugstore brand ready stock for Indonesian residence. Don't forget to use code "RINICES08" when you are buying from their multiply's website to get Rp 10.000 off for minimal Rp 100.000 purchase. ^^  

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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  1. I know this one :3 banyak banget ci di Watson Malay wkwk wktu itu pgen beli cuma ragu jdi ga beli deh wkwkwkwk

    nice review jdi mupeng cma sayang klo beli lip balm lagi ._. tunggu yg lma abs dlo wkwk

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