The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Hand Perfume Mini Pet #3 Pink Review

Hi guys. This afternoon earthquake happened two times in my place: Medan. 🙁 From news report in twitter and television, I know that it’s in 8,9SR and the second time in 8,3 SR or 8,1 SR. I still remembered when Gempa Aceh and Nias happened several years ago, so thanx God this time there isn’t any tsunami or any huge damage. Please pray for Sumatera 🙁
Anyway to cheer up my mood a lil bit,  I wanna share a review about cute hand cream from Face Shop, its name is Hand Perfume Mini Pet. See how cute the name is. :3 And you will find it cuter when you see the packaging >.< See see see? As soon as I saw this product in their website, I was like OMG I have to get this! >.< I love cat so much although I don't have one ._. They have three type of this hand cream: blue, yellow, and pink. Mine is the pink one. Seohyun holding the hand cream. Her cuteness is doubled by holding those hand cream :p Each colour has different unique scent. Description from their web: Ultra sweet and cute compact packaging that is portable enough to be carried anywhere. Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, shea butter and olives to moisturise, heal and soothe hands. One of the Best Gift Idea Ever. Available in: blue -  baby powder, yellow -  juice fruits, and pink - white flowers.   What I like:   Cute packaging! I always can't stand the cuteness of one packaging. :3 It's not sticky. I hate it when I apply lotion or cream to body/hand/feet and they leave that sticky feeling. -,- With this mini pet you don't have to worry about that 😀 Nice scent. It's a floral scent and I feel so girly when I use it. Lol *what's the correlation between floral scent and girly? xD* Keeps my hand moisturized 🙂 What I dislike: none Rating: 4,5 out of 5 Will I repurchase? Yes :3 See you on another cute packaging review! :p[snax_content]

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Written by virgo

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