Best K-Pop Album 2013

Hi All..
In this post, I just want to share my opinion about best K-Pop album during 2013. It means that they’re the one that I listen to very frequently and I really love most of the songs in the album. ^^
1. Girl’s Day – Female President
I’m so addicted to this song. I like their sexy concept better than their cute concept.♥❤
2.  Davichi – Mystic Ballad Part 2
I can’t explain how much I love Davichi’s songs. This album is daebak, you should listen to it if you like ballad songs. My most favorite song is Tears  (맛 있어서 눈물이나).
3. Davichi – Be Warmed
4. Davichi – Memories of Summer
Hehehe.. I just love Davichi so much :p
5. Vixx – Hyde
Vixx’s dark concept is so sexy *.* And their songs are good too.
5. Vixx – Voodoo Doll
This year they released two album, which shows that they’re doing great this year. 😀 My favourite songs from this album are VooDoo Doll, Thank You for My Love, and Beautiful Killer.
6. Baek Ji Young – Hate
My must-sing-song when I go to karaoke XD ♥❤
7. Trouble Maker – Chemistry
They really get the chemistry. XD
8. Sistar – Give It to Me
Although I don’t like their concept which always look b*tchy to me, but their songs are really good. 😐 Favourite songs are Give It to Me and Crying.
8. 2NE1 – Missing You
This song is much much better than Do You Love Me or Falling in Love.
9. K-Will – Love Blossom
My favourite songs are Lay Back and Memories Ringing.
10. K-Will – Will in Fall
I love all of the songs in this album, but the best is A Slip of The Tongue. ♥❤
11. T-ara – Again 1977
Always waiting for their comeback and their comeback songs don’t disappoint me. (≧∇≦)
12. Hyorin – Love & Hate
All of her songs in the album are really good 😮 My favourites are Closer, One Way Love, Red Lipstick, and Don’t Love Me.
13. G-Dragon – Coup d’Etat
My favourites are R.O.D and Black.
14. Jin – Gone
Love this song so much, I even make cover of it hehehhee :3
15. EXO – Miracles in December
Finally there is a normal song from EXO this year. Hahaha.. I don’t really like Wolf and Growl, they sound weird ._. 
So that’s all for best K-Pop Album 2013 in my opinion. Which one is your favourite too? ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Oh my god, so many amazing k-pop albums and songs was released this year :O I absolutely love GD's Coup D'etat and Miss A's Hush albums. But also love Exo's Miracle in December (I don't like like Wolf too), Trouble Maker's Now, Hyolyn's Lonely, Vixx's Voodoo doll, 2NE1's Missing you and of course T-ara's all songs ♥

  2. Yes! I'm not the only one who thinks that "Growl" and "Wolf" were weird songs and a not so good choice as their title soundtrack. Some other songs in the album were way better, but I also love "First Snow" and "My Turn To Cry" in Miracles in December. 😀

    I didn't really like "Coup d'Etat" but I liked other songs in the album. ^^ K-Will has such a sweet voice, and Hyois amazing at singing.

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