Hey guys! I’m sure you already know about Ssin-im, one of beauty youtubers from Korea. I really like Ssin-nim’s video that create look of VIXX makeup, it is so cool! 
I have known for a few months that Ssin-nim have her own makeup line now but I haven’t got a chance to try it. But todayyyy finally come the day when I tried her makeup line, but it’s a collaboration with Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics, called as Brown Holic by Ssin.   
Look at this gorgeous box! Seriously the box is so outstanding with the holographic material which reflect light in different colors, not to mention the diamond shape box. I’m so in love! 
Once open the box, you will see Ssin-nim character sticker. I don’t think I will ever use it XD And you can scan the QR code to access Ssin-nim makeup tutorial video. 🙂    
The box contains 4 items: multi drawing contour kit, easy long wear auto shadow 01 light aurora, monocolor shadow 01 daisy peach and monocolor shadow 05 wild almond.
Let’s see them one by one
1. Multi Drawing Contour Kit   
This contouring kit consists of one pearl highlighter and two shading powders: medium and medium dark. Thankfully there is a mirror inside but no brush included so you have to use your own brush.    
As you can see from the swatches on my hand, the medium color shading powder can be barely seen on my hand and the same applies to my face as well. I think it’s more suitable for light skin people. 
The pearl highlighter is very pretty on my face, it may look white on the pan but on the face it shines just like pearl. ^^ The medium dark color is really pigmented, I have to tap the excess powder to avoid having my face looks like brownies ahahaa.. ❤︎
2. Easy Long Wear Auto Eyeshadow #01 Light Aurora
“With a soft application that doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes, with colors that pop and with a consistency that doesn’t clump, our auto shadow boasts a shimmering pearl finish. A touch of our auto shadow on the front corners, lids and puff under eyes create a sharper look.”    
The pearl color is so pretty, I mainly use it under eye area to create that aegyo-sal look. My eyes instantly look cuter and more youthful. ^^ 
3. Mono Color Shadow #01 Daisy Peach   
Brighten your eyes with orange pink glitter.   
 The orange pink glitter is so pretty, I suggest you to top it above other eyeshadow colors so your eyes will look more sparkling. However you can use it alone too and your eyelids will be sparkling thanks to the glitter.
4. Mono Color Shadow #05 Wild Almond
The finishing touch to a sophisticated daily makeup look.    
This is the first time for me to use clay-like texture eyeshadow. I can say that it is similar with cream texture, therefore the plus point is we won’t experience any fallout. 😀
The brown color is very suitable for everyday look with a hint of shimmer.    
I should say that I enjoy using the Brown Holic set by Ssin-nim very much. In this pictures, I use all products from Brown Holic, very pretty right? I rarely contour my face, just my nose, but I’m addicted to the multi contour kit so I will contour more often in the future using the kit. Not to mention that the highlighter is just so pretty *.* 
The eye makeup also nicely done, I can create either sexy makeup look or cute makeup look using the eyeshadows provided from the Brown Holic set.   
I recommend you guys to try this one, you won’t feel disappointed. You can get this product from my shop at Charis, just follow the link below and you will be landed on my shop page, explaining everything you need to know about this product. 🙂 

What do you think?

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