Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown Lens Review

For achieving uljjang or gyaru style, I think most of make up lovers will use color lens. And one of the most well-known brand in Indo and maybe in the world is Geo. 🙂

Do you know Tsubasa Masukawa? Yes she is the famous model in Japan that produced Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. She used Princess Mimi lens in her dolly wink or candy doll photoshoot. :3

So today I’m gonna review Princess Mimi in Almond Brown. I bought it at Tomato Online Shop with very affordable price compared to other online shops. 😀

This is the packaging when I received the package. It’s packaged in bubble wrap plastic to make sure that the lens is safe.

After the bubble wrap was opened, I can see the lens box and lens case. The lens case is free every purchase of Tomato Online Shop lens. I got mine in blue colour 🙂

They came in separated bottle so actually you can ask for different minus for your eyes. I purchased the normal one (no minus). As you can see from the pic, there is a Geo sticker there. If you scatch in the area, the code will shown and you can check whether your lens is original or not. I believe mine is original so I skip this part :p
This is the description from Tomato Online Shop photo album:

Geo Princess Mimi Series XMM 204
Diameter : 15.00mm
Base Curve: 8.70
Water Content: 38%
But what I saw from its bottle, it’s written there that the diameter is only 14.5mm not 15mm! I re-read it for two or three times, maybe I read it wrong but sure it’s only 14.5mm. The sad thing is I forgot to take the pic of the bottle that show the diameter size 🙁 I tried to compare the size with my Geo XCK105 with the diameter is 14.8mm and it looks bigger than the Princess Mimi. T.T Well I supposed the Princess Mimi lens would be my first 15.00mm lens but seems like it couldn’t be it. Maybe Tomato Online Shop should check it again, maybe the description in their photo album is mistaken. Or maybe me that read it wrong? 🙁
Anyway let’s go to the lens review.


Under room light.
Zoom in look
As you can see from under room light pic, the color is so natural. You can’t really see the brown colour which make me really like it. I like it when I use lens and people can’t see that there’s any difference on my eyes, except for the enlargement effect. That’s why I prefer not to use colours like violet, pink, green or blue because it will be noticeable that I wear color lens. So black and brown is definitely my choices for now. 🙂
Only when you see me closely then you can see oh there is a brown colour too, not only black :p

This is the lens in the lens case. On the left side is the front side and on the right side is the back side. Hmm you get what I mean right? ._. Usually we find it hard to see which part is the front side and which part is the back side. But this Princess Mimi lens show that the darker side is the front side
and the lighter side is the back side 🙂
Okay so this is me too wearing Almond Brown on the other day :p
What I like:
  • Nice enlargement effect
  • Very natural, you can’t really see the brown colour 🙂
  • Affordable price (Rp 120.000 at Tomato Online Shop)
  • Comfortable ( I wear it for almost more than 8 hours a day and it still feels like I’m not wearing lens at all :D)
What I dislike:
  • It’s not 15mm lens but 14.5mm T.T
Rating: 4,5/5
Will I repurchase: yes for the other colour (maybe the Chocolate one 🙂 )
And girls make sure you check out Tomato Online Shop if you wanna buy lens. They have different promotion for each month with a really affordable price. Also they have a fast response for your purchase and they will sent your lens soon after you have made the payment. 😀 And for bloggers, they have promotion also. For review you make on the purchasing on their shop, maybe they will send you another free lens. See how nice is that? 😀
Have you tried any Princess Mimi lens? What do you think about it? ^^

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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  1. wahhh cakepppnya dirimu say ^^
    tp water contentnya cuma 38% ya?
    aku takut bgt bli yg water contentnya di bawah 50% :(( soalnya mataku gampang bgt kering >__<
    pas awal-awal dibuka biasanya emang nyaman banget tp setelah lebih dari 2minggu kemudian biasanya jd lebih cepet kering 🙁
    klo km gmn sis?

  2. wahhh makasi sis hihi :">
    iy nih water contentnya cm 38% tp aku ud baca banyak review sblm ini dan mrka nyaman2 aja pakainya :3 kyny yg geo water contentnya jarang ya d atas 50% ._. yg aku tahu mibuki tuh d atas 50% klo ga salah tp bntukny unik ._.
    aku br pake sminggu nih sis dan sejauh ini masi nyaman2 aja hihi. ntar sminggu kemudian aku kasi update-an lg ya msi nyaman atau ga 😀
    btw namaku 🙂 manggil km apa yaaa enaknya? ^^

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