Ecotools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set Review

Do you know about Ecotools brush?  

Description from their website:
Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what we are all about! EcoTools is a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated and a leader in eco-conscious beauty products, most notably known for its incredibly soft cosmetic brushes. We take pride in offering a collection of cosmetic accessories and bath products that feature innovative, earth-friendly materials. In a continued effort to give back, 1% of EcoTools annual sales is donated to 1% For The Planet®, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet.

I was so curious about their brushes for a long time and finally I decided to buy the 5 piece brush set.



Description from its packaging:
This Earth-friendly set shows respect for the planet:
  • Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earths resources as it is from highly sustainable plant.
  • Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
  • Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.
  • Cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp.
  • Reusable storage pouch.
Mineral powder brush: apply powder or mineral foundation all over face in a circular, buffing motion and work inward towards nose.
Concealer brush: use with liquid or mineral powder concealer for more coverage on blemishes and under eyes.
Eye shading brush: expertly cut to apply and blend powder eye shadows.
Baby kabuki: buff powder over areas that need more coverage.
Cosmetic bag: 55% hemp linen, 45% cotton.
When the first time I saw my brushes when it arrived safely at my house, I was quite shocked with the size because it is smaller than I thought 😮 I am quite disappointed with the size ._. Then I searched about this brush online and finally know that it is packaged in travel size. Well that’s why the price is cheap I think. It costs me around Rp 145.000 (around US$13).
Well I really like these brushes. They are very high quality. They feel so soft on your face and they don’t hurt your face even if you use them with extra power hahaha :p They don’t shed much too. I have washed them before my first use of them and during the washing time, there’s nothing shed at all 😮
So if you wanna try new brush, maybe ecotools brush could come to your consideration. Promoting earth-friendly with bamboo handle and recycled aluminium makes it worth to try. They do their job as brushes pretty well too. I’m considering to buy their bronzer brush later if I have some extra money. Hehehe 😀
Rating: 4/5 (not full rating because of its travel size)
Repurchase: yes but the other brushes. 🙂
Have you tried Ecotools brush and what do you think about it? 😀



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Written by virgo

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