Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR204 Review

I have had this lipstick for few months but only have a chance to review it now.. Here it is: the famous Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk 😀 Available in 24 colors, but I only own one, which is OR204. 🙂
right side
left side
Descriptions (from
 Smooth texture and outstanding color of creamy gel texture makes clean and vivid lips
 Relaxed Fitting Complex & Smooth Powder System makes smooth lips without crack
 Moist Liquid Paste and Hydro-Moist Complex makes moist and kissable lips
Packaging :
As usual, Etude House’s packaging never fails to attract me. See how cute is that ribbon pattern on the tube?  I’m a huge fans of ribbon >.< Besides, the tube colour is soft pink which makes it look more girly than ordinary black tube packaging. And the logo is also carved in the lipstick! Really feel like princess when holding it. :p   Swatch on my hand   Bare lips   Without flash, indoor lighting.   With flash.     Shade: I was tempted by a few shades but finally decided to try this colour. Basically it's orange colour but not really that orange. It's more like pinky orange colour on my lips. The shade is quite bright, I mean it's obvious that you wear lipstick.   Pigmentation: Pigmentation is ok. The colour looks obvious even just apply once.   Texture: I think this lipstick is a bit tricky to apply.  Sometimes it glides on smoothly on my lips but most of the time it's hard to apply this lipstick. It's drying my lips, sinks into fine lines and makes my dry lips more noticeable -_-. I try to apply lipbalm first before applying it but there's no much difference.    What I like:  Pretty packaging  Nice pinky orange colour   What I dislike:  Sinks into fine lines  Makes my dry lips more noticeable  Makes my lips dry   Rating:   I'm dissapointed with this lipstick. Asides of the pretty packaging and beautiful colour, I don't really like it. 🙁 Maybe it will be a different case if your lips is not that dry.                           

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Coba pakai lip balm dulu ajah rinnn, aku suka pake avene cold cream lip balm sebelum pake lipstik yang kering. Si avene ini selain merawat bibir, juga memberikan white finish, jadi warna lipstiknya bisa lebih vibrant 😀

  2. Great review ! The packaging is super duper cute and they even engraved the design in the lipstick itself! def 5 star for the packaging..Too bad, the formula wasn't good enough for dry lips. I, too have dry lips and I do also experience the same cons as you did here. I guess we just have to apply 10 swipes of moisturizing balm before applying this..lolz..^_~

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