Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PBE102 Review

Hi All! Do you feel excited with the release of Etude House Princess Etoinette series? 
I managed to purchase some of the collections, if you follow my instagram, you must have seen what are them. But today I will review the Crystal Shine Lips first. 😉
The Crystal Shine Lips from last year collection has more colours and prettier packaging in my opinion. I have reviewed it before here. This year they just have 3 colours, which are beige, red, and pink. I think beige is the prettiest from their swatch so I get the beige one.
They dare to say ‘perfumed smooth lipstick’ so you have been awared that it has scent, we just don’t know is the scent good or not.
This year the box is full of rose design which makes it look elegant. The lipstick tube itself is plain with white colour and the logo part is in silver colour while last year is in gold colour which I think is prettier >.<   See what I mean?    Although I prefer last year packaging but still it's the most standing out packaging from all my lipstick besides Peripera My Color Lips :3   The shade name: Moon Flower under The Stars is so pretty hihi 😀   Well you can see from the swatch above that it leaves glossy finish, just like the previous version! It is a beige colour with pink undertone and slight shimmer (the shimmer is unnoticeable once applied on lips).   The lipstick glides on smoothly on my lips, it's so creamy and quite moisturizing in my opinion. However if you have dry lips, I still think you need to scrub it first or apply lip balm first because it can quite uneven, just like my left upper lip part.   The staying power is just average though, it will disappear after eating or drinking hehehe..     I hope it will be slightly pinker so that my lips won't look too pale but still I love the shade! It's almost similar to my Peripera My Color Lips #20 XD   It has rose scent which I can recognized right after applying it on my lips. I have too much rose-scented lip products recently but this one is better since the scent is not too strong ._.                   Sorry for spamming you with my selcas XD     I'm glad that I bought this lipstick and this colour. Hihi.. You can never go wrong with nude lips :p And who can resist the pretty packaging plus a limited edition? XD     Softlens: Ageha Super Big Grey and Lunatia Grey from Japan Softlens ♥       I hope this review is helpful. See you on my next post!          

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Cantik sekali packagingnyaaa.. Masya Allah.. ngiler !!! hahahahha xDD
    Tapi lagi nabung, buat beli tiket T_T
    Cece juga cantik, tiada tandingannya (brasa kaya tagline iklan TV -___-)

    Nanti ya ce aku pajang fotonya, agak susah ngepasin make up sama rambut aku yang sekarang
    kapan hari pake make up brasa mature banget. Huahahahaha x'D
    tua tiba-tiba gitu -___-

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