Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Review

From Etude House Etoinette series, I decided to have the blusher and lipstick. Today I will review the lipstick. For you who haven’t read about the heart blusher review, click here. 🙂
The box packaging is just the same with heart blusher box packaging: soft pink colour and so princessy. ♥
The packaging is just too lovely. I feel like living in fairy tale by just seeing the packaging xD
I chose two shades: PK001 and PK002. Never get enough with pink lippie :3
Left: PK001 , Right: PK002
As you can see, in the photo I have used the PK001, because I bought it first, together with the heart blusher and because I fell in love with it, I decided to buy another shades. That explains why this review coming out so late :p
Swatches on my hand:
The colour on the tube and the colour on my hand looks different, on the tube the colour looks deeper and scarier for me. Hahaha.. While the colour on my hand look so soft and that’s what I want. 
bare lips
 The texture is so creamy! It glides on perfectly on my lips ヽ(´∀`)ノ
 It has a nice rose scent. Actually I’m not sure it’s a rose scent hahaha.. But the scent is close to Peripera My Lip scent, so I assume it is a rose scent :p
 The finish is satin. 
 It’s not drying, in fact I think it moisturises my lips 😀
 The pigmentation is okay for me. With just one swipe, the colour shows up really nice on my lips.
 It’s a bit pricey compared t
o other Etude House lipstick but I don’t mind since I get this cute packaging and nice quality lipstick (≧∇≦)
Personally I prefer PK001 to PK002 because the colour looks so natural on my lips. It’s all about preference like I have always said before. For you who love bright lips, you might like PK002 more than PK001. 
I don’t regret buying Etoinette series so far, both of the blusher and lipstick are just so worth to try 😀
using PK001
So what do you think about this lipstick? Feel free to leave comment below. Thank you and have a nice day ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Hello ! ( ^o^)ノ (Do you still remember me?:'<)
    I really have missed visit your blog a lot x3, I regret not having done it but I was not in good health and school had taken much of my time (u___u) But today I will seek to read all those yours entries that I leave pending (^^) And what a way to start with a review of a super cute product!(>ω<) I love the lipstick packaging is just so beautiful ♥ (if I buy it I could not get rid of such a cute box heheh.)
    It surprise me how much the colors changes in the swatch, yet remain beautiful colors. You look super adorable and I love your hair!!!o(>3<o)
    Hope you are very well ! Take care and I hope we continue reading! ( ^ω^)ノ

  2. Hi Danitza, of course i still remember you, thank you for always leaving such a long and meaningful comments on my blog ^^

    i'm sorry to hear that you're not in a good condition.. 🙁 are you getting better now?
    hihi.. thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog (^0^)/
    yes the box is just too cute, same with the tube, hihi..
    Take care too danitza ~

  3. aku jg beli dua warna ini dr seri etoinette hahaha tp blom aku review nih >.<
    lg ga mood edit fotonya hihihi ^^'''
    emang bagus deh ga brasa kering di bibir walo harganya sedikit lbh mahal dr lipstick etude yg lain tp bener2 worthed! 😀

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