Etude House Flamingo Eyebrow Cutter, Heart Microfiber Puff, Lip Puff, and Dear Darling Nail

Last Saturday when I went to Taman Anggrek Mall, I couldn’t stop myself from entering Etude House shop. >.<

Although I know that the price in the counter is really really much more expensive than from online shop, I still want to take a look. Guess it’s because of the design, so pink, girly, and princess look alike <3
I went around the store to see the products and the price. I told myself that I won’t buy from the store except I ran out of stock of the products. :p Finally, I went to accessories part, I want to look at the brushes. When I reached there, my eyes caught other products, yupp I saw some of the newest Etude House products from Korea. Omooo.. Lip puff, flamingo eyebrow cutter, cat tweezers, etc and the prices are CHEAP. They are under Rp 20.000. See that? I put myself on confusion. Should I buy those or not? Which one should I buy? Ahhhh ~ At last, I bought flamingo eyebrow cutter, lip puff, and heart microfiber puff. Then the salesgirl told me that if I buy three nail colors, all of them will only cost Rp 60.000. Okay, I couldn’t control myself and I bought 3 of them -_-“
So here is the photo of the products I bought that day 🙂
From all of those products, I’ve used the eyebrow cutter. It is sharp and cute, right? Soon after seeing the eyebrow cutter, my mom asked me to go back to the store and bought one for her. Hahahaha.. I bought her the purple one. ^^
Maybe I will give some swatches of the nail color later because now my nail use nail color from Art Deco and it is in pink color. 🙂
Hope you all have a nice day.

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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