Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color PK002 Review

When I saw Etude House’s new Secret Recipe collection, I promised to myself that I have to try the Cupcake All Over Color since I never tried any cream cheek before. Lucky me, Lovely Pinky sent one to me for review purpose ヽ(´∀`)ノ
Who can ask for cuter packaging? I’m sure every girl is attracted to this packaging, really looks like one sweet cupcake that you want to eat. 😀
Here are the colours available with cute names that make you want to eat it xD:
PK001 – Blueberry Cheese Cake
PK002 – Strawberry Chiffon Cake
RD301 – Raspberry Mousse Cake
OR201 – Orange Choux Cake
OR202 – Peach Sugar Cake
Colours that I want to try the most are PK002 and OR202 xD
Please keep it away from children, otherwise they will think that it’s some kind of sweets xD Each tin has unique design matching the name and the scent of the products. Since it’s strawberry chiffon cake, so strawberry design is what you will see at the tin. 😀
So what’s Cupcake All Over Color? Actually it’s a multi-purpose product, you can use it as lip balm, blush on, or eyeshadow. This concept is quite interesting: perfect for travelling, isn’t it? ^^
As soon as you open the tin, you can smell a nice fruity scent but for me it’s not a strawberry scent. It’s similar like Body Shop Grapefruit Lip Balm if you know it, but this scent doesn’t make me dizzy, unlike the Body Shop’s.
Strawberry Chiffon Cake is a pretty soft nude pink colour. The colour in the tin looks deeper than what actually will show on your skin. 
Although you may think that the texture will be just the same as other lip balm, actually it’s not. When you reach it with your fingers, you will feel that it has a creamy texture then when you blend it, the texture becomes like powder and the finish is matte. ^^
I will only show you the colour on my lips, sorry >.<  -bare lips-   -using Etude House Cupcake All Over Color PK002-   I really love the color both on my lips and my cheek. The nice soft pink colour makes my overall look becomes sweeter. <3   Lip: I prefer using lip balm first before applying this. The texture is dry and will show more of my chapped lips if I don't use lipbalm first. But after using lip balm, it will look perfect 😀    Cheek: Be careful on the amount of products you put at your cheek. It's better to build the colour than applying too much from the start. The color on my cheek makes me look more dolly and the blush color is just so natural, looks like I'm shy when applying this color on my cheeks xD After 10 hours, I can still see the color on my cheeks so the staying power is good. 😀   Eye: I don't really like applying it on my eyes since the color won't show up so no much comment here. 😐   At first, I'm using my fingers to take out the products but it's just so not hygienic! I can see many small hairs afterwards on the product although I had just washed my hand. You never know how clean is your hand although you've cleaned it, many unseen bacterias on it -_- So afte r that, I always use brush to apply it on my lips and cheeks and I think brush works much much better. For lips, I'm using Masami Shouko lip brush and for cheeks, I'm using Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.    If you want to see the lip color on my overall face look, you can watch one of my haul videos: ^^   What I like:  cute packaging  multi-purpose product: for lips, cheeks, and eyes  perfect for travelling  the soft pink colour makes me look sweeter xD  the staying power is good   What I dislike:  hygienic issue 🙁         I'm happy to have this product despite of the hygienic issue 😀 Can't wait to try the OR202 ヽ(´∀`)ノ   If you want to try Cupcake All Over Color, you can buy it at Lovely Pinky shop and mention "purplelyhazel" to get 5% off for minimum Rp100.000 purchase 🙂   Facebook Twitter BB pin: 28DFE236 Email: [email protected]         See you on my next post!              

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Written by virgo

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  1. aduh warnanya cakep banget ci 😀 baby pink gitu
    aku kebetulan lagi cari cream blush gitu yg warnanya kayak gini imut banget >.<
    racun nih racun hahaha 😀

  2. ternyata warna pink na bagus yhaa.. ak punya yg OR202, tp gk bs ak pake di bibir.. kering na ngga nahaann.. akhirnya cmn make utk blush on aja.. wangii naa enakk.. >w<

  3. pengen aku makan itu cupcake…lol..jadi ya, milani nya akujuga suka, tapi rada kering afterwards, kudu pake lip gloss or balm before and after..but i love the color!!!!=D ayo, bikin video lagi yaaa..ditunggu!oops, smoga kali ini berhasil komennya..maap kalo ga bisa…lol..

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