Holika Holika Angel’s Ring Bubble Hair Color #3 Milk Brown

Hi all.. How are you? I miss blogging so much >.< I've been so busy this month, having overtime almost everyday -__-  That makes me doesn't have time to write a post 🙁   But today I'm back. I changed my hair color. My hair color is black and I never think to color it. I'm afraid that it will get damaged and the new hair color won't suit me. So i stick to my virgin hair colour until some weeks ago.    When I went to Korea, I saw almost every girl there have their hair colored and it looks very pretty and makes me want to color my hair. I keep thinking about it and finally made a decision to try coloring my hair. But I didn't want to do it at salon since it's pricey. I prefer do it myself with the bubble hair color that is quite common in Korea and Japan.    I bought two colors from different brand: Milk Brown from Holika Holika and Pink Brown from Face Shop. I bought it at Rp 69.000 (USD7) each at Qoo10, the price is quite cheap so I grab two at once. 😀 Honestly, I want to try the pink brown first but finally I try the milk brown since I was afraid that pink brown will look too 'ngejreng' ._.   Holika Holika Angel's Ring Bubble Hair Color is available in 4 colors: Deep Black, Choco Brown, Milk Brown, and Red Wine. The choice is not as many as Etude but for me it's better this way, so I'm not too confused which color should I choose :p   The girl in the packaging is so cute. Unlike other brands that use real girl image at the packaging, Holika Holika prefer to use illustration like this 🙂   Chart of colour.  My hair is black so I expect the colour will turn out to be like the third one: deep brown.   Directions and ingredients.     What's inside: 1st solution, 2nd solution, hair treatment.   Plus gloves and plastic to protect clothes 😀   Okay, so this is my first experience coloring my hair by myself using bubble hair color. Seems like some steps I did are wrong ._. Seems like the liquids in the first bottle have to be really foamy before I put it on my hair. Mine is not that foamy. 😐 I was afraid that the contents will not enough for my hair but I was wrong. It's enough for my hair and after waited for 1 hour, I rinsed it off and use the Angel's Ring Argan Hair Treatment. It has floral scent, like jasmine, but the scent is too strong. 😐 I was a bit dizzy because of the scent.    After I washed it off, I can't wait to see my hair color xD I was shocked because the color is not deep brown and it's not even -__- I was dissapointed at that time: why did I have to color my hair? I look like 'anak kampung' ;_; But disappointment always comes late. Hahhaa..   After a week, I have used to see my hair color. And it looks better when I use full makeup. ^^   before just picked one random photo to show my black hair :3   after: Two weeks ago   Last week   Yesterday The color looks more obvious in this photo, maybe because of the lighting?      Anyway, I think using bubble hair color is really convenient, it's just because I used it for the first time that I made some mistakes. But if I want to color my hair again, I will still prefer using bubble hair color. 😀   What do you think of my hair color? Which one do you prefer? Black or brown? ^^  [snax_content]

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. warnanya lucu sih ya kalo lebih keluar lagi kayak di foto yang terakhir gitu keliatan banget warnanya

    don't worry say diperbaiki aja warnanya, pasti lebih oke 😀

  2. brown looks good on you! anyway, kamu cuma pake 1 box aja cukup ya untuk rambut panjang? trus warnanya rata ya? aku biasa pake liese cuma mw coba merk lain, yg holika holika ini pengen coba jadinya 😀

  3. dua dua nya cantik ce, aku bukan fans brown hair sih (lbh nge fans sama warna rambut yg mencolok kayak blue or blonde) and the other hand black looks really classic and suits you well 😀
    mamaku suka banget pake liese, cobain aja ce 😀 even banget warnanya 🙂

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