Holika Holika Dark Circle Stealer Goggle Eye Mask Review

This cooling hydro gel mask relieves fatigued tired eyes and reduce dark circles. Whitening complex with floral ingredients brighten and moisturise at the same time for clear, bright eyes.
How to use:
Remove the plastic film from mask and place mask onto eye area. Adjust to fit snugly in place. Remove after 20-30 mins and gently tap eye area to absorb the remaining contents.
I’d been eyeing this eye mask for a long time and finally bought it on last May (you can read my May Haul here). (^0^)/ I really love Holika Holika concept and products because I’ve tried some of their make up and they work great so I’m curious about their skin care. Are they good too?
The mask comes in a plastic packaging mainly in dark purple colour. I like the picture in the packaging as if the dark circle just go away like dust. Cool right? xD
Back-side of the packaging. All written in Hangeul and I don’t understand so I just see the illustrations there. Why does the mask looks like glasses? LOL. xD
The eye mask is hidden under that white sheet. So I have to take remove that white sheet first then I can take the eye mask out.
The eye mask is in gel type, I have difficulty when wanna place it to my eye because I have to close my eyes. ._. That’s why in the pic above you can see that the mask didn’t cover my eye well hahhaa.. Also it’s quite difficult to take photo of me using the eye mask when my eyes were closed like that. -,-
So yeah I used the eye mask for 20 mins with my eyes closed. I tried to relax my mind while listening to Kpop songs. But I couldn’t use it longer than 20 mins because I was bored. Hahaha.. Imagine your eyes closed for 20 minutes: what else could you think about or maybe you will fallen asleep when waiting xD
But my eyes felt so refreshed when  and after using it (´▽`)/. Everyday I’m stuck in front of laptop, I’m sure that my eyes must be so tired ╮(╯_╰”)╭ Soon after using it, I could feel the cooling effect. As for the brightening effect, I couldn’t see any difference. I believe to reduce dark circle, you can’t hope for instant result. It is the same for acne scars as well. So I don’t blame the eye mask. I already satisfied with the cooling effect and the moisturizing effect so I won’t complain too much :p But I think the size is too big. You can see it covered most of my cheek too. Hahaha.. And for the scent, I think it’s the same as their dark secret eye cream and it’s also quite similar to one of Lux’s bar soap scent. 
What I like:
Relieves my tired eyes
Nice cooling effect
Moisturise my eyes
What I dislike:
I have to wait around 20-30 mins and can’t do nothing except singing, daydreaming, and bla bla bla :p
Couldn’t see any difference with my dark circle.
Will I repurchase? Yes! ♥ 
Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Written by virgo

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