Hongkong Trip: Hongkong Wetland Park

Finally I will post about my Hongkong trip. Hehhee..
I decided not to write it per day, but per location or event that I think are interesting. And this post will mostly contain photos and will be short of talking. ^^
I arrived at Hongkong in the morning on first April. XD I hope I can have a trip with my friends next time I go overseas. ^^
On April 2, I joined tour with my mom’s aunt and mom’s cousin. The tour is designed for Hongkong citizens and most of people joining the tour were elderly people. Hahhaa..
The first stop is Hongkong Hang Heung Factory.
We just took a short look around the factory then ate the cookie. Maybe you know about Lophopiang? 
Then after that we went to Hongkong Wetland Park. I never knew about this park if I didn’t join the tour that day. It’s a nice place for people who like to explore nature. 
I’m so happy because that day my uncle was going along so he helped taking my pictures so lots of my face in this post ahahhahaha XD XD
Just after we entered the park area, we were greeted by crocodile. Seems like he’s sleeping ._.
Will never miss taking flowers photos *.*
Actually this is a butterfly garden but too bad in this season there are no butterflies around 🙁 
It’s so peaceful to see the bird eating right? There are many signs inside of the park that remind visitor to not be noisy inside because birds have ears too. 🙂
On our way to get back to entrance of the park, there is pond which have lotus flower inside <3 <3   After that we went to temple area to eat lunch. I forgot the name, sorry >.<   There is one large tree outside the temple area, maybe it has lived thousand years?         I think Hongkong Wetland Park is a nice place to visit. I can know more about birds and their nature and I can see beautiful view inside. ^^     See you on my next travel post!                   [snax_content]

What do you think?

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