Korea Trip: Summer 2014 Day 1

I was so happy to be able to go to South Korea again. It’s just like a dream came true for me. I often thought it’s just a dream until I was given the airplane ticket and itinerary there.
And this time, it will be so different. I can call it as beauty trip because I will attend Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 for 2 days and extend the trip on my own. ^^
So this is the invitation card from Laneige.
It is my greatest pleasure too for being invited to Global Beauty Camp :’)
The Global Beauty Camp will start on July 1 to July 2 but we took flight on June 29 midnight so we will reach Seoul on June 30 morning. We didn’t have any schedule on June 30 so it was a free time. Yeay! 😀
We had flight using Korean Air, as usual the service is excellent but I was having hard time to sleep that night. I’m sure the next day my face will look like zombie T.T
We were picked up from Incheon airport and had around 1 hour ride before arriving at our hotel, which is JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, Seoul. We were welcomed by Laneige staff and told that we could have breakfast and check in right away. How great is that? Usually check in time is around noon, so to be able to check-in in the early morning was such a relief for me. ^^
I got a room on 3rd floor, and as soon as I opened the door:
Wow.. The room is great and I can feel that it’s comfortable, really homey. 
There were presents awaited us from Laneige on the bed, which are a basket full of healthy snacks, amenities and bag. 
The main advantage of staying in JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Hotel is the awesome view of Korea’s historic East Gate and easy access to everywhere because the subway station is just several walk away from the hotel!
I like how the bath tub and shower are not placed in one room like most bathroom are. There is no door to the bath tub area, there is no privacy if you’re staying with friends in one room and will be kind of akward but since I’m alone to enjoy this room, I’m just happy XD
We agreed to had breakfast together at Tavolo 24, located in the second floor. The display of the food was confusing to me. Near the entrance, they served dairy products, like milk, cereal, bread etc. Next, they served steak and fresh juice. Walking further into the area, they served vietnamese noodle and japanese sushi. And at the end of restaurant, they served Korea cuisine. 
I decided to just eat the Vietnamese noodle. The taste is so so for me, I like Pho24 Vietnamese noodle better hahaha..
Actually I made plan to sleep first before going out to enjoy the free time, thinking that we would arrive at the hotel at around 8am. But my calculation was wrong, the time we arrived was almost 9am and by the time we finished breakfast, it was almost 10am. So I decided to not sleep at all and just took a bath and going out. Welcome, panda eyes hahaha 
We decided to go to Myeongdong first since they got many requests from friend and family to buy Korea cosmetics, so where is the best place to shop except Myeongdong, eh? We knew that Myeongdong was included on our next day schedule but we feared that the time won’t be enough for shopping so here we were! One of my favourite place 😀 😀 😀
*OOTD* :p
Taraaa.. We took subway from Dongdaemun station to Myeongdong exit 6 and finally we arrived. Hihi.. Don’t forget to download Seoul subway map application before you are travelling in Seoul, in case you will get lost or something. It’s so convenient and can be used even without internet data. ^^
A must have tourist pose eh? XD
Let me give you a tour of one of Aritaum’s store in Myeongdong. So basically it’s not only selling Aritaum’s products, but some other brands from Amore Pacific too, like Mamonde, Laneige, IOPE, etc. 
I guess Honey Melting Tint must be so popular in Korea because the summer colors were nowhere to be found, they’re sold out already bzzzz..
I was so tempted to get the nail gel but since it’s super hard to remove, I resist *.*
Jeon Ji Hyeon face is everywhere in Korea. I read news and they said that she is queen of advertising now ahahahaa..
It’s around 12pm in the afternoon, the sun was so bright and it’s not too crowded at Myeongdong. We just walked around, shopped around until our feet got tired and our stomach craving for food. We decided to eat Samgyetang on a restaurant based on Mrs Dian’s recommendation. I forgot where it is, but for sure it’s in Myeongdong area.
I had a great expectation on this Samgyetang. I never ate it before though it’s not my first time in Korea, it’s simply because I’m afraid of the smell of ginseng. But my friend really recommended it to me, she said it’s very delicious, so I thought: okay, I should try it then. 
How was the taste then? Do I like it? The answer is . . . no. I don’t know whether every samgyetang tastes like this or this restaurant’s samgyetang is not good enough. It’s tasteless, the flavour is too plain. Yes the chicken was tender but still, if it’s so tasteless, how could I enjoy and chew it? Besides, one whole chicken is too much for me, plus the rice inside. It’s not rice actually but sticky rice. Too bad four of us ordered the same thing and couldn’t finish it. What a waste for money, we should have just shared it between us and ordered two instead of four.  The price is KRW12,000.
Okay, enough with the samgyetang. After we finished eating, we talked to decide our next destination. I suggested Edae and Hongdae since those areas are so alive but when they looked at map, it seems so far away hahahaha (though I think it’s not that far if you’re using subway :p ) so we decided to visit Insadong. But before that we still walked inside Myeongdong area.
*drooling over these street snacks. Really want to try them but I always full whenever passing this stall so no chance for me huhu T.T*
The ddeokbokki was calling me over but andwaeeeee, I can’t :'(
Not even bother to look inside because I know the price would still be expensive though it’s sale. Haha..
First group photo. Me – Mba Trisna – Mba Dian – Fidya. Griss was the one taking this photo 😀
Next stop is Insadong.
That would be my only visit to Insadong during this trip. The area is nice but nothing much to explore. 
When we walked along the street, we saw Osulloc located at the right side of the street. I know this brand because I received it as a gift from Buzz Korea on my last day trip last November. Mrs Dian told me that it’s under Amore Pacific too. O’sulloc is a tea house that specializes in imported Jeju Island tea (credit here).
This tea house has 3 floors, first floor is tea shop, second and third floors are tea house.
There is a fresh brewed tea that you can enjoy as sample. I didn’t try it though because I don’t like hot tea ._.
Yuhuuuu I got exactly the same one as the top right one ^^
It reminds me of Innisfree, eh? XD
Interested with the concept, we decided to rest for a while there. The tea house was very busy, no seats were available for us so we had to wait for a moment. Fortunately, there were some people leaving so we could sit at their place 😀 Mostly they served green-tea based desserts and drinks. 
*selca of the day* :p
This is what I tried, forgot the name. It’s not too sweet and the green tea flavour is very rich. 
This is Mba Trisha’s sponge cake. It’s so soft and delicious. <3 When I went to the toilet which is located in third floor, I think that third floor decoration is much better. It looks more luxurious. :O < span style="font-family: inherit;">
The infamous poo bread hahaha.. 
Next stop was Gyeongbokgung Palace. Since it’s very close to Insadong, we walked there.
I also had photo on this place last time on my way from Gyeongbokgung to Insadong. Totally different style XD
Yeayyy finally I could see Gyeongbokgung Palace again. But this time, I didn’t went inside because it’s so hot and we were all tired so we just took some photos around hihi. I always love historical places <3 We asked local handsome oppa to take photos for us huahahhaa.. 😛 Griss was not coming along because she wanted to meet her friend. 🙂 We decided to went back to hotel before headed for dinner later. Should enjoy room facilities first while there were time 😛 It's so nice to relax on bath tub while watching Kpop performance on TV! (≧∇≦) We went around Dongdamun area to find some street food to eat hihi. And we saw this ice cream. I think it's happening right now there so we gave it a try. Turned out nothing special about it hahahha besides the swirl cone 😀 Dongdaemun Design Plaza ^^ Lotte Fit In So many pot flowers on Nature Republic's store *.* Uhmmm that's all for my Day 1 story around Myeongdong, Insadong and Dongdaemun.                           [snax_content]

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. itu es krim lingker"ny gmn rasanya ce ? unik banget ya poo bread jg wkwkwkwk,ice green teany bikin ngiler <3 wahh seneng bgt y pastiny pas nyampe di kmr hotel comfy, iy ce aku prn nyoba bikin samgyetang g enak bgt (lidah ud kbiasa makan rasa rempah")

  2. Nice post! : ) Arex Express train is the best way to access from the airport to Seoul station. It is fast(it takes only 43 mins to Seoul station) and clean. Plus, the price is also reasonable. It cost 8,000won and if you take one of these airline;Asiana,KAL,Jeju airline, you get some discount(6,900won).

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