Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review

Lately I like to procrastinate my blog post, hence explain why this review comes up so late >.<   Anyway this is one of my current favorite lipstick at the moment: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick.   Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick is the latest F/W 2014 lipstick collection. Last year they had Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick which I love so much, if you wonder whether I will like this lipstick as much as I like Color Glow Lipstick, please keep reading! 🙂   As usual, the lipstick comes in a box made from recycled material.     Features: 1. Sparkling high glossy gel base fills the lips' curves smoothly to make lips look voluminous 2. High-adhesive fitting formula covers lips softly & keeps the lip colors longer 3. Moisture layers fills the moisture in the dry lips by relieving dead cells & supplying moisture to the lips 4. Helps to express lovely & moist & even deep colored lips without burden with vivid & clear color formation (taken from jolse)     There are 10 colors in total, 3 colors are recommendation from them, and the colors I purchased are two of them.   Actually I was confused between #2 and #3 but because I am still finding coral lipstick that will suit me best, I decided to try #3 😛   As usual, the tube is plain with matte white color that unfortunately is so easy to get dirty T.T I like how at the bottom of the tube they display the color of the lipstick, it really saves the time.   What makes it different with Color Glow lipstick in terms of packaging is that the color you will see on the tube when you open the cap is in rose gold color, while the Color Glow color is the usual silver color. It makes the lipstick look more elegant!   So that's how long the bullets are.  When I saw the #3 bullet's color, I thought that I made a wrong choice because it doesn't look like coral for me T.T   Now let's see the swatches on my hand!   Well when I saw the swatch on my hand (because I haven't used it at that time), #3 Cream Coral surprised me! Hahaha.. Thank God the colour is just as coral as I want and not orange. XD In other hand I was kinda disappointed with #9 Blueberry Burgundy since I think the color is not dark enough. 🙁 But let's see how it look on my lips before judging too early!   I try to show you 3 different ways to use the lipstick and how it turns out. The left pic is using it as for gradient look, the middle pic is covering full lips with concealer first then using the lipstick, and the right pic is only using the lipstick.   #3 Cream Coral< /div>
is a pinky coral shade. I realized that on the pic, the color looks so pretty. But in real life, I just can’t like the color >.< Somehow it looks like orange color on my lips. And suddenly I got that inspiration: to use lip concealer before applying this lipstick and it works! I like it  better when I applied lip concealer before. The color looks softer and wearable for me. Definitely kind of coral color that I can count on everyday 😀   #9 Blueberry Burgundy This color reminds me a lot with Color Glow Lipstick #7. Basically the color is almost the same but I think that this color is a bit lighter >.<     This lipstick is creamy, not super creamy as 3CE Creamy Lip Color that sometimes hard to handle, I think Creammellow Lipstick's creamy just right. Sometimes it can show dry flakes but not too much and my lips still looks good. Hehehe..   It is pigmented but I need several swipes to get the color evenly spread on my lips. The finish is glossy as if you apply lip gloss, but I think it still looks natural. It gives that healthy lip impression 😉   Creammellow Lipstick is sooo moisturizing that I feel comfortable to use it for a long time. It doesn't make my lips feel dry at all. <3   Another thing to mention is the scent. It smells like vanilla, so yummy that I want to eat it XD   On me, #9 Blueberry Burgundy staying power is much better than #3 Milk Coral. Though after sometimes, the gloss will disappear for both of them.   - creamy ♥ - pigmented - moisturizing - vanilla scent - antique gold colour tube none   I really like this Creammellow Lipstick that I can't find anything major that I don't like from it! The color still forgive-able lah because of everything else on this lipstick. XD Especially #3 Cream Coral, it's like my everyday lipstick now, I like to use it a lot since I bought it. ♥   The price is just like other lipstick from Innisfree: KRW 12,000. I think it's worth it ^^   Lip Concealer + #3 Cream Coral       #9 Blueberry Burgundy     Well, I still have another lipstick to be reviewed, can you guess it? Stay tuned!  

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Written by virgo

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