Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 1

Are you guys excited for this post? Even me, the one that will write it, feel excited to start writing about it. Hihi ^^ And I warn you, this post is pic heavy. Almost all pics that I have taken are included in this post. Hahahaha XD
So the journey started on November 18, 2013. Took flight with Korean Air, departure time is 10.55pm. I went to the airport on 7pm. -_____- My mom always afraid that we will stuck at traffic jam, so it’s better to arrive early, she said. Well nothing much to do in the airport, so I just ate frozen yoghurt. Actually the purpose was just so I have a place to sit. Huahahhaa :p
Finally the time to depart arrive. I asked for window seat and I got it, I guess because it’s not full since there’s no person sit beside me. 😀
This is what I ate for too early breakfast: beef with potatoes and red wine. I hardly slept so I just watched Secret. Have you guys watched it? ^^
After a long flight, finally I arrived at Incheon International Airport. It felt so good to be back there :’)
But I didn’t take any photo because I was too lazy to take my camera out. *slapped*
There are 12 of us that will join this tour but the first batch that arrived was three of us. Lily from Cambodia and Seol Ki from Singapore. *look at my tired face* ;_:
When we stepped outside from the airport, omg it’s so cold! The wind blowed that made me feel cold. -____-
It took around 1 hour from Incheon to Seoul. We would stay at Somerset Palace Hotel, near Gyeongbokgung Palace. But unfortunately, we couldn’t do early check in. >.< We had to wait until 2pm while the time we arrived there was around 9 or 10am, I forgot so we decided to go to nearest cafe to eat breakfast.    So this is the place we went to: Terarosa Coffee. Acording to Amelie (the staff that accompanied us during the trip), this coffee chain is not originally from Seoul, but from other city (I forgot the name). It's quite interesting since most of coffee shops chain in Korea started from Seoul then develop to other city. 🙂               The place is big and homey. I like how there are so many books behind the place where we sit! Really want to take a look at the books to see whether they're real or not but I would look like weird people if I did that. ._.     I ordered honey lemon tea because I didn't really like to drink coffee. And I thought I have made a wrong decision since the tea flavour is so weird. I didn't finish it 😐   Breads for 6 of us (Lily and her brother, me, Seol Ki, Amelie, and Su Jin(the other staff)).   Since there were still so many hours left, me and Seol Ki decided to go to Insadong since it just needs several minutes walk. I didn't know that it is that close to our hotel! 😀   As soon as we reached Insadong area, the snow started to fall down! Wow 😀   Because it's hard to capture snow in picture, so I recorded short video that I have uploaded to Instagram already.  So happy to see snow first time in my life :'D *norak*       It's still early in the morning so it's still not too crowded. Unlike last time when I went there, it's full of people. But I saw many childrens in group there. Having excursion maybe?          Ssamziegil (쌈지일) is a place where many handmade crafts shops, souvenir shops, art galleries are located. There are some stores that allow us to learn how to make some handmade crafts too, I think. ^^     The place is so artistic. *.*   Since we've been there before and nothing much to see, we decided to go out and walk through the street again.         After buying some souvenirs and still have around one or two hours before check-in time, we decided to go to Lotte Mart located in Cheongnyangni. I just followed Seol Ki, since she ever lived in Seoul last year. XD We took subway from Anguk Station line 6, then we got off at Cheongnyangni Station line 1.     My snacks haul mostly I bought from here. Hahaha..   After that we went back to the hotel using subway. It's quite tiring since we were carrying large plastic bag hahahaha but happy XD   The room I got is at 6th floor. When I opened the room door, I was like: ..... WOWWWW ...   This is what I saw when first opened the door >.< I got a big room yeay 😀       It was so comfy after a long tiring walk and journey. Hahaha.. Really wanna sleep but I have promised to Seol Ki that we would go to Ewha around 3.30 pm XD         Too bad that the bathroom is not as big as what I expected but it's still very okay actually.   View from my room. Terarosa Coffee Shop is located at that tall building.   So after taking a rest for around 10 or 15 minutes, I went down and met Seol Ki at the lobby to continue our journey. We just took subway together and would go our own way on Ewha since she would meet her friend there. 🙂   Taraaaaa.. It's front of Ewha Womans University. I didn't go inside because I want to explore more of the street shops, didn't see much on my last trip there.     Zoo Coffee. Really wanted to go inside every coffee shops but I will look weird if I go alone, no? T.T     Love this photo!   I really enjoyed walking alone there. I could see many stores and feels like Korean hahhahaa.. I didn't go to this part of street last time so I decided to walk along this street.    Spotted Shara Shara stores! Really wanted to go inside but the girl  shouting in front of the store to attract people go inside was kinda freaking me out so I cancelled my intention. :p   Saw this very big size high heels XD XD XD   Many cosmetics store too here, but I only went inside Clio's store. I thought it's better to shop tomorrow at Myeongdong.    Saw Mango Six cafe and it really made me happy. Hahaha..    My fav brand: Holika Holika ♥   I think it's the end of the street shops so I turned around and went back to the street.   As a big fans of A Gentleman's Dignity drama, I am really curious about Mango Six Cafe! Although this one is not the one they used to film the drama, I still wanted to give it a try. Besides, I haven't had lunch and it's almost 6pm. :O So hungry! I had a long thinking whether I should go inside or not, I was alone and for me it's just weird to go inside cafe alone where there will be many other customers there. Plus, it's not in my country. Buttttt, I didn't know when will I have a chance to go to Mango Six cafe again so finally I went inside. And it's so quiet inside 😮   I asked the waitress what's the favourite drink there and she said that it's a mango coconut juice. Of course that's what I ordered. :p   Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul! ♥♥♥ I think it's so quiet there because most of the visitors were on the third floor. I didn't mind since I like it that way. Me alone in the second floor (of course, there were the waitresses XD)   And this is the mango coconut juice. Actually I don't really like mango, it's not my favourite fruit. So i was quite skeptical with mango coconut juice. How if it tastes weird? I couldn't imagine the taste of mango and coconut being mixed together. 😐 But oh but, when I drank it for the first time, it tasted so good!!! No any weird taste, it made me feel so relaxed. It's sweet and you can taste both coconut and mango at the same time you drink it. I'm bad at expressing flavour and scent but this is something you should try when you go to Korea. I want to drink it again now :'(   After enjoying the free wifi and finishing the drink, I continued my journey. The sky turned dark already. I went to deeper alley and other small street. Bought cute sweater there which only cost me 10,000KRW. Now I know why they said that if you want affordable clothes, you should go to Edae or Hongdae. Too bad that all shop sold sweater and warm clothes for winter, I couldn't wear it here so I just bought one.    On my way back to Edae subway station, I ate ddeokbokki : my favourit street snack! Want the sundaeeeeee XD   I still have time and was thinking should I visit Hongdae? I never visited Hongdae before and it is just one stop from Edae. So why not? I was quite worry since it would be my first time going on subway alone. How if I'm lost? >.< But actually I succeeded hahaha.. Of course since it's just one stop XD     When I stepped out from Hongdae station, woww... It's so crowded and alive! :O   The street was full of many people walking, i like the situation there. 😀             So I just walked around the area and found one cute shoes shop. Since the name is "I Love Flat", I thought I can look inside. Most of the shoes shop I saw before were selling boots because it's winter now.      In the end, I didn't buy flat shoes but pump shoes ahahhaha XD XD Because the flat shoes I liked wasn't available for my size so I just bought pump shoes hihi..   Then continued walking. I wanted to go to Style Nanda store but I don't know the exact location 🙁     Want all of the clothes >.<   After walking around and buying some things, I went back to the station to go back to the hotel. I was afraid that I would take the wrong way but luckily there were tourist police or sort of like that around, so I asked direction from them. ^^ Passed by street performance that sang Busker Busker's song: Cherry Blossom Ending, it's one of my favourite song. The performer is quite handsome hahaha and his voice is good 😀   It's around 9pm and I was tired from walking. Bought soju and banana uyu on my way back to the hotel.     This is what I bought today, minus the Lotte Mart shopping things :p For complete haul, you can check it here.   I was so happy because I could see Jang Geun Suk on TV after my long tiring day huahahahaha XD Although I couldn't understand what they said without subtitles, I can see that it's an interesting drama, much better than The Heirs. And yes, after I went back to Jakarta and watched it with subtitles, I think that the story is really interesting. Jang Geun Suk and Han Chae Young are the plus point, really adore them ♥.♥   I realized that there are no selcas during the day. Hhahaa.. Okay there was one that I uploaded to Instagram. Because I travelled alone and my face was horrible that day, I couldn't take too many selcas :p    And I think that I understand the subway route much better now. Yeahhh! So next time if I visit Seoul again, I can go here and there confidently with subway. XD   That's all what I did on my first day on Korea. It's the only day when I had free time to do anything I want. The next day I would meet all of the other participants and start the Romantic Winter Tour. ^^                                                          [snax_content]

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Written by virgo

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  1. Aaaaaaa kakak suka Jang Geun Seuk jugaaa? ME TOO! Dia satu-satunya cowok korea yang aku sukaaaaa banget 🙂

    Btw, nggak bisa berhenti nganga liat foto-fotonya kak :0 cantik banget yah kak di sana pemandangannya ^^

    Semoga bisa kesana suatu saat nanti 🙁 🙁 mau banget ke korea, tapi maunya pas spring hehehe kalo winter bawa bajunya pasti jadi banyak banget XD

    Oh iyaa, aku suka juga foto yang pohon deket the body shop itu, kak, warm gitu keliatannya >.< terus toko sepatunya lucu bangetttt dekornya, aku malah mau beli bonekanya hihihi XD

  2. If only I live in Seoul, i will totally take you around and even take you to StyleNanda store!! Haha stylenanda emg rada jauh kebelakang gt cee huhu oh oh!! I once went to mangosix that was used for Gentlemen's Dignity filming spot, and that one was hugeeee

    Cee ke korea lagi dongg ;(

  3. Iy donk, aku suka banget sm diaaa kyaaaaa XD
    iy pemandangan di sana oke banget, bersih lagi :')

    aminnnn.. smoga bs k sana.. iy aku jg lebi suka pas spring.. makanya trip yg sebelumny itu aku prginya pas spring hihi.. pemandangannya juga lebi oke.. 😀

    iy itu aku edit warnanya dkit, tp mmg bagus viewnya ^^
    wkwk bonekanya kyny ciri khas tokony XD

  4. Huahhh Fil, too bad you're in Busan and couldn't make it to Seoul that day >.<
    yeahhh i read one blog that gives direction to their store and i think it's too complicated for me to find it alone in the night ;_;
    huahhhhh the one in Gangnam area? envyyyyyy T.T

    doakan ya taun depan bisa k Korea lagi.. kalau aku k Korea lagi kita harus ketemu yaaaaa 😀

  5. Ci ini keren banget >< haduuuh berasa nonton K-drama jadinya xD btw itu yg first snow jangan2 waktunya samaan kaya syutingnya Running Man 174, soalnya di episode itu mereka juga ngalamin first snow gitu hehehe. Mau banget jalan2 ke Korea pas fall/winter gitu. Kerasa gitu romantisnya :p hehehehe. Ayo ci cepet dilanjut 😀

  6. Korea looks so pretty in the afternoon near evening *_* love your photos ! Especially the one in the streets haha. Your hotel room is super nice! And pretty hair bands <3 haha maybe it'd be nicer to visit during spring or summer instead of winter xD seems so cold there at this time around >< so many cosmetic stores how nice *_* can't wait for the next day post!

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