Korea Trip Day 2: Ewha Woman’s University, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong

So here come my Day 2 post! Actually Day 2 was the best day during my trip, you’ll find out why after reading this post. (^0^)/ Since some of you said that my Day 1 post is not that long, I will make sure to make this one longer hahaha :p
To start the day, I ate breakfast at Paris Baguette. I’m glad that I didn’t join travel so I can wake up anytime I want. 😀
I just randomly picked one bread (left) and it tastes really good! The sandwich is also good. The right one is Onni’s , I don’t really like chesse so it’s just okay for me.
I ordered Peach Tea and it tastes really reallo good! I think I become addicted hahhaa.. Then two weeks ago I ordered Come Buy Peach Tea, hoping that it will taste the same but unfortunately, it doesn’t. 🙁
After our stomach were full, we decided to go to Ewha Women’s University by subway. 
On our way to Ewha University, I saw this Ddeokbokki stall and immediately told Onni that I want to try it XD
The Ddeokbokki tastes delicious, unlike the one I’ve tried in Jakarta -.-. But I especially like the sundae, the black round one. It’s so delicious that makes me want to eat it again. I’m missing it right now  when I’m writing this 🙁
Finally after short walking distance, we arrived at Ewha Woman’s University. The area itself is so alive, full of mostly young people (of course, since it’s a university ._.), but also I can see old people and children there, having picnic maybe? Hahaha..
I was still holding that ddeokbokki, since it’s so hot, I need some time to finish it all >.<   I think that my outfit that day really match with spring, flower print dress <3           My favourite photo at Ewha University. The purple flower is so beautiful <3         I still look like college student, right? XD   We didn't spend too much time at Ewha University since the itinerary for that day was so full, so many places to visit. So after finish looking around, we headed back to subway to go to Gyeongbokgung Palace.   On our way back to subway, we stopped at one shoes shop and several street stall since the price is cheaper than Myeongdong >.< That's the shop owner or worker. He is so kind, saying that I look like Korean and gave me and Onni phonestrap 😀   The shoes inside are really my style, I was drooling at all of them and ended only buy one pair ;_;   Finally before leaving, the owner was willing to take our pic ^^   As soon as we stepped out from subway station, I could see this blooming tree. So pretty!   Gyeongbokgung Palace! It's amazing to see that such historical place is located in the middle of the city, surrounding by skyscrapers building.   The queue was so long! Probably because it's saturday and luckily it's not too sunny so I don't mind queue-ing to get the ticket.    Took a pic with palace guard. He stands still like statue xD   Because we still had some time before the palace guard changing ceremony and english tour guide at Gyeongbokgung Palace, we decided to go outside to see King Sejong statue.  The palace is located in a central part of Seoul.     You can see that there are so many skycrappers around the palace.   So here is the King Sejong Statue. He looks so charismatic 😀 He is the one who invented Hangeul, the Korean alphabet.       So many beautiful flowers that I haven't seen before. My friends said that most of my photos are flowers. LOL XD     We went back to Gyeongbokgung Palace just in time when the ceremony has just begun.   The place is crowded with visitors who want to take a look at the ceremony. I was a bit late so I couldn't see it clearly ._.   After the ceremony finished, we decided to go inside Gyeongbokgung palace and look what I saw! They haven't fully blossom but still very beautiful, right? 😀 Feels like a dream. If only I wore hanbok xD   My favourite photo <3     Short story of Gyeongbokgung Palace.   And here she is, our English translator. She took us on a trip of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Her accent is unique and I couldn't stop looking at her outfit, especially the umbrella!   There are many buildings inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace but I think this one is the most beautiful because it is surrounded by the lake (?). It looks so peaceful. Unfortunately I didn't go closer to that building.               As soon as I saw cherry blossom, I had to take a photo near it 😀 😀 😀   And this one would be my favourite cherry blossom tree. It is so big and beautiful ♥♥♥ It's located in the back section of the palace, we ended our English translation guide here. Took some photos before we left the palace. It's around 5pm, time flew so fast in Seoul 🙁   Our next destination is Insadong. Onni said that we could go there by walking. It's a long walk but I enjoyed it 😀   When we arrived at Insadong, I saw that there is a street performance. Couldn't take a better photo of the street performance because it's so crowded.    Insadong is as crowded as Myeongdong. So many people walking in the street o.O   Most shop in Insadong sell souvenir for tourist, I also bought some souvenirs from here and the price is still reasonable. ^^   We were starving because we didn't have lunch, so restaurant or a place to eat is our priority. The restaurant where Onni want to eat at is so crowded so finally we decided to eat here: Yeon Ga.   Yeon Ga is not located in the main street of Insadong but there are also other restaurant around it. The place is small but makes me feel like home. There are many signature from tourists on the wall and also Lee Seung Gi's signature. :O     I forgot what we ordered that day, what I remembered is it's a set. These are the side dishes. Wow looks so yummy, right? XD The white liquid in the bowl is not milk, it's makgeolli 😀     I like this one the most! The texture is like pudding and it tastes delicious with the soy sauce. <3   And these are the main dishes 😀   We finished almost all the dishes xD Except the kimchi, I don't really like kimchi honestly ._.   The ahjumma in the restaurant can speak English and Japanese fluently and she is so beautiful o.O She thought I am Japanese so she spoke in Japanese hahaha.. But after knowing that I can't speak Japanese, she spoke English. ^^   After that, we just walked around Insadong and did some shopping. :3 Tired of walking, we decided to went back to hotel. Actually according to our itinerary, we should visit Yeouido Park to see cherry blossom festival there. But we were too tired and it's already around 8pm at that time, so we decided to  not go to Yeouido Park 🙁 I hope I have another chance to visit there someday.   After resting a bit on our room, I told Onni that I want to walk around Myeongdong because the next day we will leave Seoul. So yeah this is the night view of Myeongdong, it's still that crowded. Hahaha.. I love Myeongdong ♥   I walked around here and there alone, actually I want to buy phone case for my handphone but couldn't find one that suit my taste, besides it's so expensive. ._.     Lucky me, Shara Shara store is just a few steps from my hotel so of course I did look around the store and the BA is kind enough to let me take photo inside the store ^^       That is the BA who assisted me ^^         And she took my photo with Shara Shara girls. Of course I will come back here if I go to Seoul again *fingers crossed*     So the second day ended with me buying another cosmetics products. Hhahaha.. :p   Stay tune for my Day 3 post ^^   Here are the link of my other Korea Trip posts: Day 1: Myeongdong and Namsan Tower Makeup and Skincare Haul                                      [snax_content]

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Written by virgo

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  1. Oh my.. Rin..
    Salut banget u can eat Sundae..
    it's pig/cow intestines and contains blood 😮
    yeah, it's like blood sausage.. XD
    i saw it when i visited Gwangjang street food market but don't dare to eat la! lol
    it looks very creepy..!! but maybe if it's blend with ddeokboki seems delicious 😀

  2. Hi there, i'm so glad i found your blog post. I'm like 4 days away till my trip to seoul but i still don't have plans and places to go. I'm traveling by myself and my hotel is in myeongdong too. It took me for like 2 months to decide which hotel to go to. Anyway, as i was saying, thanks to this blog post, it really helped me a lot planning my trip to seoul and organizing my itinerary. Just like you, i really don't like joining tours. I just wanted to manage my own time and to be honest, i'm not good at waking up early. Haha.

    So yeah, i just wanted to thank you for doing this blog post. This really is gonna help me with my trip to seoul.
    And BTW, you're very pretty and you remind me of miss A's suzy.

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