Lioele Dollish Lipstick #3 Baby Peach Review

Another Lioele review. Lioele has some type of lipstick, Vivid Matte, Dollish and Donut. Today I will review their Dollish Lipstick in Baby Peach :3

Girly packaging. See that heart shape there? <3 This is the bottom of the packaging. Written in hangeul and english. Description from its packaging: Moist texture and rich harmony of color! Sharp and rich color - Rich colors and luxurious gloss mixed to express a dimensional lip makeup. Moist texture - It helps to moist lip by including organic rapeseed oil against the trouble of easy dry and wrinkle lips. HOW TO USE: Put a small amount of filler and softly rub it from the edge of lip line to the center of your lips. More delicate and clean lips can be expressed by the usage of lip brush. Taraaa.. This is the tube. Super feminine, at least for me :p I like the black colour of the tube with pink colour for the text. It's just so girly. I love the combination of black and pink 😀 And the same heart shape like the packaging :3 This is the bottom of the tube. It's in hangeul: Lioele Dollish Lipstick #3 Baby Peach and there is a manufacture date there. 🙂 This is how it looks like when it's opened. There's a Lioele logo there: cute little pumpkin carriage in Cinderella story.  So this is the picture for the shade of Dollish Lipstick. I like no. 1, 2, 3, and 6 but finally I got myself no.3. Does the colour in my lip look the same with this pic or not? Before. After 😐 Swatch on hand. When I tried this lipstick for the first time, I was like OMG is this the same colour as in their pic? Why it looks different on my lip?? It's not baby peach but ORANGE -_-" And if I apply it two or three times, it will look really orange, kinda red. -_-" Actually I want a nude lipstick or more neutral one. I don't like it when I use lipstick and it's so hot pink or hot red like a clown -,- As for the texture, it's not that smooth. My lip is kinda dry so I need to apply lip balm first before using lipstick.  What I like:    Girly packaging (black&pink colour, the heart shape, and the Lioele logo itself) Peach scent. I don't know if each of their Dollish lipstik has this scent or it is just because mine is Baby Peach so its scent like this? hahaha. But i like it :3 Pigmented colour. Just one layer is enough for the colour to show up. As they said, it's glossy. Not as glossy as lip gloss, but enough to make your lip look full or more dimensional. What I dislike: The colour is too orange for me. I prefer nude colour. -,- Just the same as other lipstick out there, you have to re-apply it after you eat something. It's not like lip tint which staying formula is longer. Need to apply lip balm before applying it. Rating: 3 out of 5. Will I repurchase? No.

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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