Mainichi Cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Last Friday, me and my friend decided to have our lunch in Mainichi Cafe, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. It’s still quite new so we wanted to give it a try. 😉
Mainichi is located near Blackball and Dubujib. If you like to hangout on PIK, you must have known this area quite well since the infamous Hongtang is on this line too ^^
The outside seating place is very plain and the concept is rather
We came when it’s just opened hahahah. That explains why there’s nobody inside except the waitresses and manager XD
I really like cafe with wood floor 😀
Say hello to my friend 😛
Marshmallow on the display. However we didn’t try it.
Love the mint colour. It makes the overall decoration looks so pastel <3 <3 <3       How about teapot on the ceiling? It's very cute omg! I don't know why instantly I remembered Princess Belle hahahaha 😛   OOTD Chiffon blouse and floral embossed skirts from Favechic.   Yummmm!   The menu is also so cute!   Meow :3         Since we were hungry, we decided to order main course and one bites.     Creamy Frogie - Green Apple Soda drink   Signature drink - Macu Mainichi   It's so refreshing! This is also a soda drink with slices of cucumber inside and popping pearls. Usually I don't like soda drink but this one is exception. 😀   Main dish - Omu Yakimeshi   Basically it's omurice with beef. But we don't think it's like omurice because the rice wasn't wrapped inside the egg, the egg just covered the rice ._. My friend ordered Rooftop Omurice and it just looked the same as mine, only hers was with squid.    Mine was very plain in taste, actually I was hoping for something delicious but it's just really ordinary. Rooftop Omurice tasted better in my opinion.     Bites - Chicken Bom   Actually I expected it would be spicy, judging from the picture. But it's sour and not spicy at all. Moreover I think that it tastes like cakwe. 😐 Really disappointed with this one.   Enjoying Macu Mainichi XD     I really like the decoration of this cafe. The staffs are very nice too. However the food we tried are just so so in taste. Maybe they are better in drinks and desserts? I don't know about the desserts since I didn't try it.    I will come back to this cafe because of the ambience of this cafe. It's a nice place for hang out with friend and have their signature drinks, but not for their main dish I think.   NB: I'm not a food blogger :p I think it's nice to add something else on this blog besides beauty related post. ^^     Hope you like this post and see you!          

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Written by virgo

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