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Today I’m going to review the well-known MaxClinic Cirmage Lifting Stick. 😀 Honestly it’s everywhere in the internet now, from Facebook until Youtube. Seeing the promotional video, of course I went in surprised and wanted to try it myself, whether it’s working or not. So let’s jump to the review, shall we?
Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick basically is a product for anti-aging and whitening. The shape is unique because it adopt Gua Sha massage point which can be categorized into three main parts as A, B, and C.
I really love the gold packaging as it really look luxurious and precious, that makes me have to handle it carefully *.* hahaha..    
It contains great ingredient for your skin:
1. Collagen and peptide properties leaving skin luminous and supple
2. Gua sha meridian massage effect and skin’s blood circulation-enhancing effect
3. Each application with a gently pressing touch helps smooth out the appearance of swollen skin
4. Oil properties rich in nutrients and helps with hydration and nutrient treatment
5. Vitamin properties make skin looks clearer and brighter. 
How to use:
1.Using side B(or C) lift from the bottom of your neck to the chin 2~3 times and press the back of your ears
2.Using side B(or C) lift the fatty part of your chin to your ears 1~2 times
3.Using side B(or C) lift the facial skin from the chin to your temples 1~2 times
4.Using side B(or C) lift from the corner of your lips to the temples 1~2 times
5.Using side B(or C) lift from the side of your nose to the temples 1~2 times
6.Using a corner of side A to massage your eye brows from the inner corners, outwards, 1~2 times.
7.Using side B(or C) firm up the baggy area under your eyes from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner, 1~2 times
8.Use side A to lift up the skin on your forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline.
9.Using side A glide along the your hairline, starting from the center, down to temples and gently press your temples for as the last step of your massage.
Actually I’m not sure whether I should it before my skincare routine, in the middle of my skincare routine or after my skincare routine. I tried using it before my skincare routine and it is so hard to move around. I don’t know whether it’s a good sign or not because moving it around too hard makes my face a little bit in pain. Hahaha.. Then I try using it after skincare routine. It slides better, maybe because there is a cream below it. Since then, I’ve been using it at the last step of my skincare routine. Anybody knows whether it’s right or not to use it that way 
There are so many information available online about how to use the stick, like example the A part is for eye area, the B part is for neck, jaw line, cheekc, and etc. However I think that it is flexible to use the way you want it too. I mean you can use the B or C part for eyes too as long as it fits there. Since I can’t remember which part of the stick is for which part of the face, I use it flexible as long as it can fit to the face structure
The stick has quite a strong scent that is hard to describe, it’s not floral, herbal, or fruity scent. The scent lasts quite long even after you are not using it, and I don’t really like the scent but still bearable.
I’m on my 20s now and thankfully I don’t have any wrinkle to begin with when using this Cirmage Lifting Stick so I don’t really see any significan difference before and after using it. It’s not visible but I can feel the effect. It helps tighten skin and improved my face blood circulation.
I think the result will be much more visible for people who already have wrinkles on their face as shown on their promotional video. However nothing comes instant and they said that the result can be seen after 3-4 weeks routine usage.   
These products were sent to me for review purpose. Nevertheless the review is made based on my honest opinion after using the products. Visit BNT News for updated news about Korean fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment ♥

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Written by virgo

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