The last items I will review from MaxClinic brand are Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam and Cloud Embo Massage Brush.    
Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam is the latest product from MaxClinic which is targeted for pore and brightening care.    
The tube looks very refreshing with the combination of blue and green color. Actually the green color comes from the product color which is yellow, combined with blue color, it’s seen as green hehehe.. It comes in a pump type so it’s easier to dispense the product.    
The concept of oil to foam is you only need one cleansing products, not the usual double cleansing products like cleansing balm/oil/cream and then continue by cleansing foam.
At first the texture is oil. It’s an Air Fit Oil Complex which is a drop from a petal of rare flower oil so it’s not heavy on face. The main ingredients are french clay, super vitamin oil complex for brightening, kakadu plum oil, sea buckthorn, camu camu extract.
How to use:
Step 1: Pump purifying vitamin oil foam at least 3-4 times on your face and spread evenly (during morning washing, pump 1-2 times and use a small amount).
Step 2: Gently massage everywhere with the tips of your fingers to dissolve makeup
Step 3: Wet a brush sufficiently in water and then put foam on the brush for secondary foam cleansing. When not using a brush, wet your hand in water and lightly use with foam
Step 4: Wash clean with lukewarm water, then finish with cold water. 
First, I still use eye & lip remover to remove eye & lip makeup from my face because these parts are too sensitive. Next I use purifying vitamin oil foam while massaging my face with the brush pad. Then I wet the brush with water and brush it on my face. The brush feels so soft on my face, I feel like sleeping when using it hahaha.. It doesn’t hurt at all since the brush is very soft, I brush it in circular motion for several times. The oil does turn to foam but the foam produced is not bubbly. I wonder whether I pour not enough water or it’s indeed like that no matter how much water you pour into it. Afterwards, I do feel that my face is clean and not oily at all. It’s so nice to have only one product that can do double cleansing method procedure, saving money and saving time. XD 
Although it’s a revolutionary product which combines all the cleansing step into one product, I think using 3-4 pump for one application will make the product run out in no time. Hehehe..    
One thing about the brush is it takes a long time to dry it. Usually I leave it on open space where there is more wind so it can dry up faster. But afterall using the brush giving me a nice quality time while cleansing my face, feeling the soft brush on my face and massaging my face using the pad behind the brush is just so good.    
So far, I don’t experience any breakout while using this product and I will keep using it until the product runs out. Have you ever tried this product before? 
These products were sent to me for review purpose. Nevertheless the review is made based on my honest opinion after using the products. Visit BNT News for updated news about Korean fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment ♥

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Written by virgo

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