Mo Hou Eyelashes (Sponsored Review)

Hi all.. These days I like to use false eyelashes because when I’m using it, my eyes will instantly have double eyelids πŸ˜€
Today I want to introduce you to eyelashes that was kindly sent to me by Colorful Lens for review purpose: Mo Hou 09 Eyelashes. πŸ™‚
The box is so pretty with black and pink colour and some polkadot patterns and a bow. πŸ˜€
There are 10 pairs inside, 7 pairs are for upper lashes and 3 pairs are for lower lashes. And what’s good is each pair have different shape so I think it’s really a good choice for you who want to try many type of eyelashes. I wish they also include false lashes glue inside.
All of them are so soft. For lower lashes, the band is clear while for upper lashes, they aren’t. It’s easy to bend and follow my eye shape. But for some upper lashes, the band are made of thread (?). This is my first time seeing band made of some kind of thread, sometimes it’s annoying because the band is too long so I have to cut it and at the end of the band which I have cut, because it’s a thread, it’s like bercabang ._. (just like thread) and it’s hard to stick into inner part of my eyes.
Here are photos of 3 type of lashes:
I like this one the most! From above photo, it’s in the middle one in the middle photo.
This one is so natural, just looks like my real eyelash but longer :pΒ 
From above photo, it’s at the top row of middle photo.
This is the lower lashes, the first row from the right photo.
I like how each pairs have different style, from the most natural one until kind of dramatic one, it’s all one in a package. For very affordable price: Rp 130.000/box, you can get 10 different type of lashes with quite nice quality. ^^
If you are interested to try Mo Hou Lashes or find other type lashes, you can find it here:
IG: colourful_lens
Twitter: @colourful_shop
BB pin: 25E903CA
Thank you and have a nice day πŸ˜€

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Written by virgo

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