Peripera My Color Lips #20 Pink Beige Review

Have you ever heard about Peripera? Peripera is a Korean cosmetic brand, a sister line of CLIO, created in 2005. Apparently the brand’s name comes from Persian mythology where “Peri” is the name of a nymph and “Pera” is some object that makes magic come true. Quite a romantic name, isn’t it? This romantic theme is something you can find all through their product designs, which are extremely feminine, with lace elements and lots of pink.
I forgot how did I found out about Peripera but all I know is I must get its product! Yeah as you may already know, I’m such a packaging-whore and when I found out about their lovely packaging, I can’t resist it. Hahahah.. I wanna buy Peripera My Color Lips! But it’s so hard for me to find online shop that sell this brand. Most of them only sell those brand that most of us already familiar with, like Etude House, Skin Food, Face Shop, etc. (⌣́_⌣̀”)  But finally I found seller who sell Peripera’s product that is cheaper than other, and again it’s from Gmarket. Hahahhaa.. I really love Gmarket right now :p (you can find the product here)
At first I was confused which colour should I choose: no 2, 4, or 20. But finally I choose no 20: Pink Beige since I want nude colour and I thought I will buy other colour later if I have some money :p
High quality lipstick made to last and leave the lips irresistibly plump and healthy. Smooth moisturized lips left in colors that will enhance the beauty of your lips. Lace-detailed packaging so precious and luxuriously beautiful just like your lips.
1.With just one touch, color so bright & luxurious glides on so smoothly leaves your lips flawless with brilliant colour.
2. Rose petal extracts volumous & moisturizing leaving your lips smooth and irresistibly plump all day long
3. Lovely tube packaging so precious with exquisite lace detail for a beautiful accent just like your lips
4. Beautifully exclusive colors to choose from. There will always be a perfect color for every occasion.
 I think I don’t have to say too much about the packaging. You can see it by yourself that it is really lovely. The tube itself comes in a soft pink metallic colour plus this beautiful lace detail, OMG i’m so in love with it x)
The manufacture date: 18.03.11
At the bottom of the tube, there is a peripera word. :3
So that is how it looks like on my lips. I’m so sorry if the lighting in room-light-pics are inconsistent >.< I still need to figure out how to take photo of before-after in a better way 🙂 Back to the pic, I just applied one layer and you can see it's pigmented enough. I thi nk the colour in my lips shows up lighter than the colour in tube. It glides smoothly on my lips and I don't feel any dryness or discomfort when using this lipstick. As with other lipstick, the staying power is just so so. It will disappear after you eat or drink. It has a nice rose scent that will fade away after a few seconds of application.   It is my holy grail lipstick now and I always use it everytime I hang out because the colour is just so pretty xD   What I like:   Lovely tube packaging Doesn't make my lips dry Nice rose scent Glides on smoothly on my lips What I dislike: It's a lil bit pricey compare to other Korean brands' lipstick Hard to find in Indonesia Rating: 4,5 out of 5   Will I repurchase? Yes! Maybe I will but another colours that I have mentioned above 😀

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. cakep sekali warnanya  *_*

    bener2 racun, wkwk 
    pink beigenya cocok bgt dikamu ^^
    kalo aku pk warna pink gt sering kurang cocok (=_=) muka jd pucet gt

  2. rin, bagus banget packagingnya… wooo, keren, pasti cute banget keliatannya kalo ditaruh di make up pouch yaa:).. sungguh penasaran sama g market nih..kalo dibandingin sama ol shop lain lebih murah kah?

  3. bagus warnanya, cantik packagingnya *haduh racunn riinn* hahaha
    aku juga sekarang ketagihan belanja di gmarket XD kemasempat beli BB creamnya Holika di Gmarket juga~


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