Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips Review

Cushion things must be so in trend this year. Most brands released their own cushion product and we shouldn’t forget Peripera for they always have good product, especially lip product. 😉
So several months ago I asked for friends opinion on Facebook page on what color should I get and finally I got two colours which are PK07 and OR04. Later on, on my Korea trip I bought another color which is PK05 so I will review them together in this post. ^^
The packaging is so eye-catching. It looks as if glossy XD You can see that each color has different color on the box ^^
Does the description lure you enough to try it? :p
Price: KRW10,000
There are 8 colours in total and all of the name are so cute! 
Don’t you think they look like highlighter for text? XD
The manufactured date is printed clearly.
The hole which the product will come out. It’s very similar with Etude House’s Rosy Tint Lips. :3
There’s a gap there which I find interesting. :O
Now let’s talk about texture first. The product is indeed creamy, it’s easy to spread the product using the cushion, though I find it’s a bit difficult for PK07. It spreads out rather unevenly when I use PK07. Its’ a bit sticky for several moments after you applied and it will look glossy at first but after several minutes, it will turn into semi-matte finish. I find it depends on how many product you use on your lips, the more product on your lips, the longer time it will take to turn into semi-matte finish. Honestly I prefer the glossy finish because it makes my lips look healthier XD Whether it will look nice or look uneven on lips is depending on your lips condition when you apply it. Sometimes when my lips is slightly dry, the result will be so ugly. Chapped lips will be the result. But when your lips is in good condition (lip scrub can always help, you know 😉 ), the result will be good. 
I like how I don’t feel my lips become dry or uncomfortable when using Peri’s Cushion Lips. Maybe that’s the help of shea butter, just like the description said. It has a mild scent, I’m not sure whether it’s floral or fruity, I just like it. Hehehe :p
The staying power is quite good. After drinking and eating, I can still see the tint on my lips. It’s not messy or flaky which is quite good. 🙂
The problem with cushion lip product is it’s hard to get the product out. 😐 I encounter the same problem with Etude House Rosy Tint Lips: I have to squeeze it hard so the product will come out, but in the same time I have to be careful, just in case the product gets out too much and it will be messy. -__-
Maybe it’s a good thing if they make it just like Missha Velvet Gradation Tint, although the product always comes out too much but at least it’s controllable. 
Now about the color. 
OR04 Secret Trip is a beige color with orange undertone. 
It looks nice in the swatch picture but actually it’s not to my liking. The colour is too dark. It feels like dejavu because I feel the same when using Rosy Tint Lips #7. Why do I fall in the same mistake twice? T.T
PK07 Minidress is a unique colour I should say and I don’t think the swatch picture capture the right colour because in real life it’s not that orange. It looks like neon pink color that very much like orange. Hahaha.. I know this description might confuse you, because I am rather confused too with the colour :)) Anyway it’s a pretty colour really but it just doesn’t suit my taste.
PK05 Bubble Love is a violet pink colour which I love so much! I was disappointed with these two colours but I like everything else besides the colours, so I decided to pick another colour when I was in Clio’s store. It’s better if we can try the tester first in real life than just gambling about the colour online :(((( But that’s most of the time happen to me, I can only depend on the swatch online hiks T.T Okay back to the topic, so finally I picked this colour and it’s perfect! It’s bright, it’s lovely, and boost up my confidence when using it 😀
gradient lips using OR04
PK07 Minidress
PK05 Bubble Love
❤︎ creamy texture
 ❤︎ not drying on lips
❤︎ mild scent
❤︎ quite good staying power
❤︎ glossy finish that turn into semi-matte finish after a while
– hard to get the product out
As usual, Peripera product has nice quality. I’m glad that I tried it out, though two of the colours doesn’t suit my taste hahahaa.. I’m thinking of selling PK07 and OR04, so if you’re interested, please contact me. ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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