Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Review

Hello all. How’s your day? 😀 Sorry for not posting anything this week because I’m in love in one Korean drama: The Moon That Embraces The Sun and as soon as I had some times, I watched it and forgot other things :p Since I’ve finished it, finally I remember my blog now hahaha :p
Today I will review one of Revlon products: Colorburst Lip Butter! Yes, I think this is the first time I do review for US cosmetic :3 Since this lip butter is so famous around beauty blogger, I decided to give it a try. I chose Sugar Frosting and Strawberry Shortcake (^O^)/. Their names sound really yummy :9
Description from Revlon’s website:
– Buttery Balm + Shiny Color
– Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips. 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.
– Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
– Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
– Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
– Available in 20 luscious shades
bare lips.
using Sugar Frosting.
using Strawberry Shortcake.
What I like:
Cute name
It’s super smooth when apply to lip! I feel like applying lip balm. No wonder why Revlon named it as Lip Butter <3 Yeah it give you that shiny color. So when I use this, I don't use any lip gloss anymore because it's already shiny ヽ(´∀`)ノ My lip feel hydrated. Not that much as using lip balm, but not as dry as when I'm not using lip balm. So it works between using and not using? Hahaha :p The packaging match the color of the lip butter. I really like these two colors. Thanx God I didn't make a wrong choice when buying because I can try it at Revlon's counter (^0^)/. It's really different case with buying lipstick online when you just can predict the exact colour by looking at the image (and sometimes it's different when apply to lip). Now Sugar Frosting is my everyday lip color because I think it look similar with my lip color. Sometimes I use Strawberry Frosting when I want more pinky lip :3 What I dislike: The packaging is not kawaii enough. ._. And for me the packaging looks cheap. They don't scent like their names (-_-メ) Too bad, I wish I really smell sugar frosting and strawberry shortcake when using them :p And guess what, for me the Strawberry Shortcake one has scent like candle or something like that -,- It's really annoying but fortunately the scent last for a while only. I think the pr oduct weight is smaller than my other lipstick, it's only 2,55g.  Rating: 4,5 out of 5   Will I repurchase? Yes! I wanna try other colors like Creamsicle, Peach Parfait, and Cotton Candy. 😀   How about you? Do you like this lip butter as much as I do? ^^    

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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