Shara Shara Poupee Perfume Mist Review

I think I never posted any review about perfume before, simply because I’m not good at describing scent and I don’t have too many perfumes.
But today I think I want to share one of my perfume because it’s so cute XD
Do you know about Shara Shara? Shara Shara is a new cosmetic brand from Korea since 2011 and the concept is girly and vintage, in a different way from Etude House and the other. I knew about this brand from Mhisha, thank you Mhisha for letting me know this cute brand! 😀
So when I browsed through their product, I found out about this cute perfume mist and really want to grab one! But because I can’t imagine the scent by just reading the description online, it’s good that I have a chance to smell it myself on their store last April. :3
At first, when I just read the description online, I thought that I will buy Mim Mi or Soon Soon, thank God I didn’t buy it that time because I don’t really like the scent. In the end, I chose this cute Yang Yang (^0^)/
Each perfume mist comes in a box that matches their main colour.
There are 4 types available: MimMi, SoonSoon, Shinsi, and Yangyang. All of them are so cute >.< So they claim that this product can be used in three ways: as body spray, face mist, and hair spray.   I don't know how many times will I say "cute" in this post but seriously I really like the packaging! The sleeping Yangyang using headset, she's relaxing XD   It contains 120ml, ordinary size for perfume mist 😉   Actually what makes the whole product look cute is the head. Yes this head is just like a doll, so soft and wanna hug it. I wish Shara Shara had the real doll version as gift for certain purchase :p   It's a spray type and I don't have any difficulty to let the mist out. 😀   So this is the description I got from qoo10, you can check it here for description of other types.   All I can say is the description is true. I feel relax after smelling this mist. The scent is very relaxing and doesn't makes me dizzy 😀 The scent is soft and girly, it's not for someone who like strong and seductive scent.    I don't use it everyday because I' not willing to run out of it soon XD And I don't use it as face mist, just as body spray and hair spray so I can't comment about the effect on face.     I really recommend this product for anybody who loves cute thing and sweet lovely scent!    I hope I can try more Shara Shara's products in the future, still hard to get in Indonesia but thankfully qoo10 sells it. ^^            [snax_content]

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. cara beli di qoo10 gimana~ ? bisa bayar pk BCA / Mandiri? kok ada pengiriman pake korea normail airmal, koreapost registered airmail, gt2 sih… itu apaaa

  2. SOOOO CUTE!!! I haven't seen any perfume mist as cute as this one >.<
    ce, does shara shara have a store in Myeongdong? really curious about this brand
    last time when my sis went to Korea, she couldn't find any Lioele store in Myeongdong lol did you find it? 🙂
    thanks for the review ya 😀

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