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Simple Tutorial: Get Your Fall/Winter Look

Today I want to share mini tutorial with you, girls, and it’s not K-pop star inspired hahhaah XD
You know that Burgundy is the hottest colour for this fall/winter look, right? So by using some products from BNT News Beauty Box and other products that I already have, I tried to do this tutorial. It’s really simple actually and I’m sure you can do it too! ^^
Let’s start ~
*why does my face getting chubbier every day? ;_;*
Start with your clean face. 
1. I used Graymelin CC Base Cream as primer. This is one of my favourite CC Cream, I like how it brightens my complexion. 
2.  Then I used Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion and The Balm Liquid Concealer to even out my complexion and cover any redness or acne scars.
3. Fill your brow. I used Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow #Dark Brown. 
4. Draw thick line using Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner #15. This is my fav colour among several Holika Holika eyeliners’ that I have. 
5. After draw line, grab smudge brush and quickly smudge the line until area above your crease. If you think that the gradation is not good enough, you can draw the line again and smudge it again.
6. That is how it should look like.
7. This is optional. Most of the time when I use this look, I don’t apply black eyeliner again. I used Clio Wateproof Brush Liner Kill Black to draw thin line. Then, apply mascara and you’re done with the eye makeup.
8. As usual, don’t forget to highlight your nose bridge and area above cheekbone. I used Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker #1 and A’Pieu Blending Luminous Cream #2.
9. To complete the look, I used 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color #Vamp with almost the same colour with the eye makeup. 
a. with gradation.
With gradation, the colour is softer and the whole look becomes more innocent. :3
b. without gradation
Without gradation, you will get that mature and sexy look. ^^
So that’s the simple tutorial for you to get the fall/winter look. Very easy, right? 😀 When I have the mood, I like to use this eye makeup for office look, very easy but gives quite a difference to my whole look. ^^
Ageha Super Big Brown
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