Beranda Kecantikan FACE: PERIPERA Watery Face Pride Up! Cushion Pact in #2 Vanilla Beige

FACE: PERIPERA Watery Face Pride Up! Cushion Pact in #2 Vanilla Beige

Hello Bunnies❤ 
How are you guys doing? I’m great as usual, now that I could actually blog as much as I want. 
This time I’m about to review my first cushion pact ever! 
PERIPERA Watery Face Pride Up! Cushion Pact
I get the Frozen limited edition one. 

I got 2 shades actually but I choose to open that suits my skin the most which is no. 2. 
They provide 2 shades only which is #1 Peach Beige and #2 Vanilla Beige
The #1 Peach Beige has more to pink tone and the #2 Vanilla Beige has more of the yellow tone.
I don’t like the pink tone just because my face is kinda red, I need to find another color so it will kinda tone down the redness. or at least that’s what I’ve heard.
Their claims: 
A multi-functional formula that provides deep hydration, buildable coverage, and broad-spectrum SPF Protection.  Flaunt a flawless dewy complexion and protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause pre-mature aging.  This unique cushion foundation will keep your makeup looking as it it were barely there and help control hyper-pigmentation.  The puff applicator cools and provides a soft finish every time, blurring out any redness and imperfections. 
it creates gorgeous, flawless skin with this innovative color control cushion compact.  Protect your skin with the broad spectrum SPF 50 that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays that can cause pre-mature aging, and make your skin appear blemish free, radiant and moisturized with it’s hydrating formula. 

Look at how cute the packaging is. 
It’s all white with glitter effects on the front side. 
There’s also a picture of Elsa, though she’s not my favorite Disney character but this cushion pact suits her the most than any other disney’s princesses.(Maybe because the packaging is white)
It’s probably because of the package first that I decided to try it on.
 Yup, and again I choose shade #2 to match more to my skin tone.
The other reasons that makes me want to try it on, it has SPF50+ and PA+++ that could protect our skin from any dangerous effect from sun. So far this sure is a positive point.
 Not only the outer package, even the cushion really shown Elsa’s character. 
But, when the bottom part of other cushions are blue, this one is cream/beige that makes it easier to get dirty at all point. 
This shown that this cushion pact is new. 
Never accept those with an opened cover.
 Opening it for the first time!
I actually want to make a video out of this but I don’t really have time to edit it.
 You must be wondering why it’s white?
It proves us that it’s new and never used. Don’t worry it’s not that it’s empty or something.
You just have to push it gently and it will come out.
 See, it came out!
I’m quite excited and wonder if it’s good or bad on my skin.
Before I decided to open this, I read few reviews from other bloggers and most of them said it’s not worth it. And notice that, there isn’t much of this cushion pact reviews. 
But I guess I just have to try it on for myself.
So I cleaned my face, put some moisturizer only, and start dabbing the product unto my skin.
I have redness and alot of acnes, I don’t know why, but it helps me easier to see whether this product is good or not.
As you can see, the left side was my face before I apply the product and the right side was my face after I apply the product.
– It covers much of the redness but not the one with the acne. So this cushion has light to medium coverage. 
– It didn’t help much with my big pores
– it indeed gives dewy effects
– It might seems abit too thick or cakey at first but after a while it feels like you’re not even covering your face.
– not sticky. at all!!
– it claims to have sebum control but in my case it’s not so much.
– it lighten up my face since it cover the redness.
– it’s incredibly moisturizing.
– it stays quite long even for outdoor activity. 
– for the skin to appear radiant and moisturize, yes. Blemish free? No!
Now that I’ve tried it myself. I could give this product
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ /5
It’s not THE BEST cushion pact ever but I’m glad it’s better than most of what people say about it.
It’s suitable for daily use which more convenient for me since I don’t really want to put too much makeup. 
So I don’t regret trying this.
For the PRICE: 
Not sure how much it is, but all I know it’s around IDR 250,00.
 If you have this, tell me what you think! I wanna know since I’ve never tried other cushion pact before. So far this is okay for me. 
I’ve put my interest on Maybelline BB Cushion, so I want to try that one next. Can’t wait!!
Happy Reading!
and Thankyouu
Deedee Young