Beranda Kecantikan Introducing “THEDEEHAIR” + GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Introducing “THEDEEHAIR” + GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hello Bunnies❤
I bet you guys knew that I’m starting my own small business and it’s getting as serious as it can be.
I decided to separate my work from my own personal thing.
For some of you who didn’t know, It’s been my dream since for as long as I can remember, to be a hair colorist! I just love coloring other people’s hair.
At first it might be for helping them at low cost but nowadays, everything has cost!
As much as I want to make it free for you guys I can’t because the product itself aren’t cheap.
Instead since I demand such good stuff and good result, it cost me alot of quite expensive product too.
and since I want this to be a serious business for me, I have to handle it well.
That’s why I charged higher but still lower than most of salon.
I have made it its own instagram account so it’ll be easier for you guys to see all of my works without looking at my personal stuff. You could check here:
And just to say Thankyou and as a token as appreciation for all of you who have supported me from the beginning until now, I have this First Mini Giveaway for you guys!
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If you’re interested, please join my giveaway!! I hope i can spread my wings even more, So I can have more giveaways to come! 
Thankyou for everything!!
For hair appointments and questions: [email protected]
Deedee Young