Beranda Kecantikan OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: BeautyLabo Rasberry Pink

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: BeautyLabo Rasberry Pink

Hello Bunnies❤
This happens recently, like i think a week ago, when my sister decided that she didn’t want to blonde anymore for some reason. She wanted to have another hair color, so she chose Beauty Labo Rasberry Pink. I help her, as a sister and as a hair colorist, color her hair, at night >.<
This was her hair before.

This is her hair after coloring with BeautyLabo Rasberry Pink.
I didn’t bleached her roots because she didn’t want to, but it’s fine because I can make gradation out of her blonde hair. You can see it right?
It supposed to be more pink than the picture shown above, but you can slightly see the pink strikes eventhough it’s just a little. Since her hair was blonde, even with Beauty Labo, the color has faded already. 
Nope! it doesn’t go back to her blonde but it’s not as pink as it was.
So, If you’re interested in having me doing your hair, please do not hesitate to contact me through email:
[email protected]
and I will reply it as soon as possible!
Note: HOME-SERVICE is now available! *with extra fee.
(Home-Service means I can do your hair at your house)
Thanks for stopping by❤ 

Deedee Young