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Beauty Box is still a hot topic in Indonesia. Honestly I don’t try many Beauty Box, only one before First Blush Box team offered me to try their box, of course I said yes 😀
I’ve seen other bloggers photo on Instagram before and I really like the box. It’s not usual rectangular box but it’s in triangle shape, reminds me a lot with pyramid XD And it’s so eye catching with red colour.
To open it, just go to the back side and try to open it. 
What I got is their first edition that is the August box: exclusively for you <3 I think it looks like a tent 😀   What inside the box are:   Greetings from First Blush Introduction about First Blush Box.    Product description    It contains short paragraph that describes each of the products inside the box.   Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Cleansing Serum Eyes, 2 mini O.P.I Nail Polish, The Body Shop Olive Body Butter 50mL, and Orlane Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care.   Honestly I am happy to receive this stuffs. I'm not curious about Orlane, but these two products from Orlane look interesting, and for the body butter and nail polish, I can just say: WOW. I like Olive the most from their body butter range and I'm so happy to receive the olive one. I don't own any O.P.I nail polish, it's nice to have the mini size though the colours are not my taste 😛   D'Eyeko False Eyelashes and Nail Buffer.   The false eyelashes also makes me wow.. Hahaha.. As I know that D'Eyeko false lashes has good quality and I like it so far so when  I  saw it at the box, I was happy to add other D'Eyeko falselashes into my collection. 😀   Sample of Egyptian Magic Cream and some vouchers.    So that's all inside the box. I'm satisfied with the products inside. It's balance between skin care and makeup (I know nail polish is not makeup, but I always categorized it as makeup :p).    And the delivery is super fast! The box arrived one day after First Blush Box team contacted me to try their beauty box. I never expected it to arrive that day so I was really surprised when I saw the sender name 😀   First Blush Box has three options for subsribing: 1 month, 4 months, and 1 year. The price is just the same no matter what plan you choose: Rp 168.000. For me myself, I will choose 1 month to see how the products they provided each month, do I like them or not, if yes, maybe I will subscribe for longer time. And if I don't, there's nothing to lose because I only subsribe per month.    Some may think that Rp 168.000 is too high for beauty box price. Well, actually the products and vouchers they gave inside actually worth the price. It goes back to you then, do you like the idea of having one beauty box with random products inside or spend it to other thing that you want to buy? 😉   So that's all for now. If you want to know more about First Blush Box, you can check their website here. ^^                      

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Written by virgo

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