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i’m back with new review! Ini bakal jadi pertama kali aku review pasta gigi.
Aku diundang oleh JDID and SpaceTV untuk Exclusive Launching COLGATE NATURALS event.
Aku memang biasanya pake Colgate juga jadi seneng banget bisa hadir disana dan bisa nyobain Colgate Naturals ini. Banyak banget yang aku dapet dari event kemarin, and I can’t wait to share it to you guys
Colgate Natural Extracts Ultimate Fresh Lemon Toothpaste is inspired by the tradition of Asian ingredients for healthy teeth and gums. Exclusively formulated with natural extracts from unusual plants and minerals for everyday oral care protection.
Colgate Naturals combines the goodness of nature’s best ingredients with Colgate’s oral care expertise, for healthy smiles inspired by nature. Colgate Naturals has only 2 variants. That are: 
Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh Lemon and Aloe Vera
Colgate Naturals Real White Seaweed and Crystalline Salts
Let’s start with my fave!

Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh Lemon and Aloe Vera
 Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh is infused with lemon oil and aloe vera extracts for long lasting fresh breath, with a zesty lemon aftertaste to leave your mouth with that fresh clean feeling.
 size: 120g
Their main ingredients are yes, as you can see obviously, Lemon and Aloe Vera.
More of its Ingredients:
The Exp date are in the top of the package.
to be frank, the box is super big so when I open the box and found the paste tube is way way smaller than the box, it’s kinda like.. such a waste of box. but guess that’s not important cos the one you use is the paste haha
it has attached cap which I say easier to open for a paste. 
I don’t really like cap that you have to rotate first to open. 
So it’s really convenient.
Why this is my favorite? coz just like its name, Pure Fresh, it’s indeed pure fresh!
You can really feel it from the moment you brush your teeth with this. Selain fresh, ada rasa lemon nya juga yang buat aku entah berasanya lebih semangat.
Yang aku rasain, ini kayak permen lemon gitu, ga ada mint nya. jadi ga gitu pedes. aku suka nih yang ga ada mint nya.
It has less foam, but there’s still foam but not that much that you can brush your teeth dari awal sampai akhit tanpa di lepehin, biasa kan kalo kebanyakan busa jd harus lepehin dulu biar ga belepotan. aku bisa gosok gigi sambil nonton karena ga takut belepotan
Aku pake ini sih ngerasa even after the whole day mulutku ga gitu bau, kalo pake colgate yang biasa entah napa aku habis makan pun udh berasa bau, ini belum sama skali dan even udah whole day mulut ku masih berasa fresh nya. I don’t know tho it’s just me or else, please let me know about this yah!
Nah lanjut ke rasa yang kedua yaitu
Colgate Naturals Real White Seaweed and Crystalline Salts

Thankyou so much for reading my honest review. 
This is Sponsored review but I’m writing based on my experience, I’m always trying to be honest in every review I post. No matter how expensive the product was, but it’s doesn’t suit me or don’t give me any progress or better changes, I will always let you guys know in a proper words.
I hope this review helpful for you. See you on my next post.
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