Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion #Mint Review

Since (I think) most of you have bored with my lip product review, today I present to you face product review from Etude House which is Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion. I’ve been curious about it for some time, thank you Etude Recipe for letting me try this product 😀
There are 3 options available: Magic Pink for pale skin, Magic Mint for covering redness and Magic Peach for brightening. I choose the mint colour.
I’m happy that it comes with SPF34/PA++, that mean I don’t have to use separate sunblock product.
I really love the mint colour! Lately I’ve been obsessed with this colour. Hihi.. And it looks like macaron :3
The design is slightly different with the original bb cushion. 
And the puff color is also different. This one is cuter with pink colour 😛
-bottom pic: with flash-
What’s the main difference between magic cushion with original any cushion is that magic cushion is more like base makeup. You can see that the three colour options is similar with Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base options.
It feels so lightweight, as if you’re not applying anything to your face. It gives glowy finish. And I like how it gives cooling effect <3 Of course it's a mint colour hehehe.. Once set on face, it brightens up face without looking like you are wearing mask. The scent is the same like original any cushion.  Honestly, I was hoping that this cushion will works better since I thought it combines the effect of any cushion and face primer. But the result isn't as what I expected. It doesn't really cover my redness. 😐 *sorry for my face hahaha.. no lens, no makeup at all except the magic any cushion on the right pic* In the end, it just brighten my face and give glowy effect that looks very natural, but doesn't cover any of my imperfections. - mint colour - brighten my face - gives glowy effect - has a nice cooling sensation - easy to take anywhere - doesn't cover redness If I have to choose between Magic Any Cushion and the original any cushion, my choice is still for original any cushion. If you don't have any redness or acne scars to cover and just need to brighten your face, then this magic any cushion is a perfect choice for you. But if you are just like me who need coverage besides brightening and glowy effect, then you should just try the original any cushion. 🙂 You can buy Etude House product at Etude Recipe. The pre-order time is just one week which means you don't have to wait too long to get your desired products 😀 They're fresh from the oven hihi ^^ Etude Recipe WA/SMS: 0813 8036 6819 BB Pin: 75941C70 Line: etuderecipe Facebook: IG:       I hope this review is helpful and see you on my next post!            

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Written by virgo

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