Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

BB Cushion is really popular right now! Every Korean brand released their own BB cushion, and so does Etude House. I think it’s the last one to introduce its BB Cushion, compared to other Korean brand I know. Actually I don’t have any interest to purchase this BB Cushion, since I already tried other brands’ and I like them and I think this one will be just the same. Luckily, Etude House Indonesia gave me a chance to try this new product. Yeay! 😀
I don’t have to say much about the packaging. The box is so Etude, the Etude logo in the middle area is so pretty. ^^
The shade I got is Natural Beige W13. 
When I saw the cushion, I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… it’s pink! XD Etude House really knows how to spoil girls, right? The pink colour will attract customer who like pink colour, just like me 😛
If you want to change it with the new one, just press the white area. 🙂
This is not a regular sponge, but an air puff sponge, it’s common in other brand BB Cushion as well. I just wondered why it should be in blue colour? Isn’t purple or mint colour better? *slapped XD
You have to peel-off this sticker to be able to use the cushion. :3
Taraaaa… It looks like craters of the moon in my opinion. 😀
The concept of the cushion is when you press the cushion, the liquid foundation/bb inside will come out.
See my finger mark? 😛
So Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion has 6 in 1 function: UV Protection, Moisturizing, Whitening, Cooling, Colour Correcting and Sebum Control. 
Natural Beige is really suitable for warm skin tone people.
So let’s see the result on my face ~
I applied it on half of my face first to show you the comparison. You can see that with the application of Any Cushion, my face becomes fairer but still look really natural, right? <3 <3   The coverage is not that great compared to conventional foundation, or let's say Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream, but compared to other cushion I've tried, it has the best coverage! In the photo above, I only applied one layer. For acne scars that is still very red, I still have to use concealer to cover it.        It has a strong floral scent that is quickly disappeared after few seconds, thankfully, because I don't really like the scent. It gives enough dewy finish, not crazily dewy, but just enough (I hope you get what I mean ._. )   What I like:  pretty packaging!   easy to apply using the air sponge  medium to full coverage  dewy finish  cooling effect  makes my skin look fairer   What I dislike:  the scent         I really love this cushion from Etude House! Honestly I didn't expect much from it, since the CC Cream doesn't meet my expextation at all, but this one is different! It's my favourite face product right now, although it just gives slightly dewy finish, but the coverage is good and I don't have to use my finger or brush to apply foundie or BB Cream again, much more efficient. 😀     *bonus pic* 😛   Wanna kiss the Any Cushion since I like it so much XD     Thank you, Etude House Indonesia. You can check Etude House Indonesia's Facebook page regarding Pre-Order of Precious Mineral Any Cushion for only Rp218.000 until September 30, 2013. I think the price is really reasonable, so if you're interested to try this product, go check it now! ^^                                  

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. I wanted to try the IOPE one but some says it's too moisturising and have less coverage(I have oily skin TT)..
    Laneige is of course a no-no for me and Etude House probably not one of the cushion foundation/bb that I wanted to try because I'm still scared that it will broke out my skin like most of their bb cream..So I still stick on with the TheFaceShop CC Cream for now as it works great on me..

    Anyway, great review you have here!I like the way you put the "before" and "after" photos together 😀

  2. you must have a bunch of base makeups o_o i cant even finish one tube even though it's been months lol im not very fond of dewy finish since i have oily skin so yea i dont think i will try this one or any other cushionny type base bc most of them have dewy finish 🙁 but i might try the sponge bc shinee is in the sponge haha 😀 it looks really natural on you though!! it brightens your skin so naturally.

  3. Etude House…Why are all your products so cute?! It makes it too hard to resist. =0=
    I've been rather curious about this cushion type of BB cream…It looks pretty good. Coverage seems pretty nice for Spring months so I might pick it up later. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.~

  4. Great review ! 😀
    I have this one too but I haven't tried it yet and mine isn't pink. /weeps/ lol
    Which one is your favorite? Iope, Laneige or Etude? I want to try the new bb cushion from Laneige because it's an upgraded version and the packaging is nicer too. *o*

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