Etude House Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed Hands and Perfumed Hair Mist Review

Hi all, after reviewing Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips, today I will review the Blooming Perfumed Hand and give short opinion about the Perfumed Hair Mist. ^^
Etude House really pays attention to this line, even the hand cream comes in a box :O I must say that I love the design hehehe.. And I can’t compare it too much, unlike the lipstick since there is no hand cream in last year collection :p
The description is really well said! They know how to combine words into beautiful sentence ^^
Love the detail XD
There are two scents for this hand cream: white peony and pink rose. I’m tired of rose scent, so I’ll just try white peony although I don’t know how is the scent of peony, never seen it in Indonesia. :O
The packaging is just lovely. It’s suitable with the whole line colour which is white. And I never thought that it will actually this big, as most of Korea hand cream I’ve tried is in mini size so I guess it’s fair for the price. 😉
Yup it’s 70ml, it will last for a while XD
The lid is like water tap in my opinion hahaha XP
The hand cream is in white colour, I don’t know how about the pink rose. 
The texture is quite thick but surprisingly it is fast absorbed and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. Yeay! It moisturizes my hands well. (^0^)/
I don’t know whether it’s really peony scent or not since I don’t know how is the actually peony smells like but it smells flowery. It has a lovely scent, like perfume. I’m afraid that the scent will make my head dizzy but thankfully it’s not. Hihi..
Overall I think it’s a nice hand cream which moisturises my hands and gives it a nice scent at the same time. Besides the lovely packaging too, sure people will curious if you use it :p
Besides the hand cream, I will give short opinion about the hair mist. 
The packaging is quite bulky, it’s not too tall but heavy because of the 120ml so I don’t think it’s something I can take around. :s
It smells exactly the same as the hand cream and the EDT but unfortunately the scent doesn’t last long on my hair. :s Honestly I’m quite disappointed with the hair mist.

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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