Etude House Princess Etoinette Heart Blusher PK001 Review

Etude House always comes in girly packaging and makes you feel like a princess. Recently, they launched new collection that will make you feel like a real princess, called Princess Etoinette. (≧∇≦)
Even just by seeing the box, I feel really excited. The soft pink colour, E logo, bow, swirl, aaaaa me like it! ♥
There are two shades available: pink and orange. I choose pink since I have enough coral shades blush ._. Besides pink will suit the packaging more, don’t you think so? o(*^▽^*)o
List of ingredients is written at the bottom of the box.
All your romantic princess dreams will comes true. Girls, be the Princess! From Etoinette.
This is a baked heart-shape blusher with soft glimmering pink that supplies skin with a lovely radiant glow.
After appling base makeup, apply gently with brush onto cheeks. Carefully handle blusher container as contents can be damaged by shock. To start using, transfer contents in the plastic container to Etoinette Heart Blusher container.
And here is the packaging! Super lovely.. When I first saw the advertising picture, it reminded me of makeup brand from Japan: Les Merveilleuses de Laduree which is more expensive. The plastic container is in pink colour with gold colour Etude logo embossed prettily which make it look more elegant. To open it, we have to turn it.
The baked heart-shape blusher are placed separately from the blush so we have to place it by ourselves later. Too bad that they are only ten, I expect more though. I think ten in the container is not enough ._. There are three colours overall, the pink highlighter three, medium pink three, and hot pink four.
 I love every detail of the packaging ♥♥♥
I use Sigma brush to apply the blush because I don’t want to make the puff dirty ._. Besides, I always have problem when using puff to apply blush, it ends up having too much on my face ._.
Swatch on my hand. I put the baked blush on m
y hand and I admit that it’s quite fragile.
The blush works pretty well. It has shimmer which I love, not too much but enough to give you healthy glow and it is pigmented. I think the pink colour looks good on me, usually I think that I look weird with pink blush (Etude House Cookie Blusher  and Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher #4) but maybe that’s just because the shade aren’t suitable for me ^^
What I like:
 super princessy packaging ♥
 floral scent
 gives a nice healthy glow
 good staying power
What I dislike:
 ten is not enough! :p
I really love this blush, mainly because of the packaging >.< I recommend this to you who love shimmering blush, who wants to add this pretty container to your collection, or anybody lahhh xD hahahhaa..   By the way, I try to do Seohyun's look on I Got A Boy MV.. How do you think about it? Is it close enough?       If yes, maybe I will post about the tutorial next time. If not, well I think this is enough. Hahaha.. XD So let me know what you think about the blush and the tutorial on the comment box, okay? 😀                  

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. !! You look so pretty!(~≧ v ≦)~♥
    And again I agree with you, the packaging is so freaking cuuute! I really like the new line of Princess Etoinette!x3 I especially all the details of the box, it is so beautiful!!♥ But It is so expensive for me!u__uU
    I'm glad you enjoyed it because in fact few days ago I read the review of another blogger and it was not so positive! O:
    We read later!(^ω^)ノ゙

  2. woahh packagingnya lovely banget >3< tapi isinya kok pelit yaa =_= boleh gak ya kalo cuma beli wadahnya doang haha *plak* 😛
    mirip kok ce, I think cuma falsiesnya doang yang agak beda duikiiiit hehe ayo bikin tutorialnya dong *todong pake pisau* wkwkwk xD

  3. Hi Danitza, thank you >.<
    Yes agree, everything about the packaging is just so lovely ,3
    yeahh I really enjoy it, or if I didn't enjoy iy too, it's still tolerable because of the packaging.. hihi. :p
    yes it's quite expensive but i can't help myself to buy one >.<

  4. Hi La, ga ada yg ngalahin deh packagingnya.. kyaaa.. ini makeup ter-lovely yg aku pnya kyny >.<
    iy pelit bgt isinyaaaa, ky cm main2 jdny 😐
    huaakakaka iy la, abisnya aku ga ada falsies natural, trus klo ga pake falsies, mataku ga ada lipetan ;_;
    ditunggu yaaa, kyny aku mau gabungin ajaa sm makeup look snsd yg lain (^0^)/

  5. I love Etude but I'm not very excited about the Etoinette products.. I like the packaging but it's plastic and I don't believe it worths the money ^^; And the product isn't much.. I'd prefer if it was made by clay, you know like mugs and cups. I only got one of the eyeliner sets from this collection! But I do love how they look ^^)

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