Kose Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Review

Another cute product review ♥ It’s from Kose Cosmagic line: Sweet Deco Cheek. The name itself is really sweet :3 I got mine in Strawberry Pink. The other shade is Peach Orange. I got this from Sasa and you can read my haul here. It’s been around three months since I got this product and I still kept it that way just like the pic above because it’s too cute >.< But around one week ago I decided to throw away the plactic packaging and kept the other things on my drawer. 🙂 From Sasa: Kose COSMAGIC Sweet Deco Cheek is composed of 1 colour that has a creamy texture and two colours that have a much more powdery consistency. The creamy texture adheres closely to the skin, which will last long, smoothens pores, and creates natural redness of the skin. The powdery ones provide soft colours. You can tailor the combination to suit yourself perfectly. It includes a bonbon stick and a brush made of natural hair.       This is the back side of the packaging. Among all the things I got from Sasa, this one is the most expensive one. Hahaha.. And my mom asked me like this:"What kind of blush on is that? With that kind of price?" Well sorry Mom, I can't resist this one :p   This is the brochure (?) inside the packaging and voila when it's opened, you can see the instructions on how to apply the blush. Too bad I can't read Japanese 🙁 So I just pay attention to the images 😀   Aaaaaa so pinky >.< The bonbon stick is so cute :3 The lid of the brush is similar to big diamond, so bling bling 😀   See the heart shape? <3 It's the cream blush. While below the heart shaped blush is powder blush. Left side is the pink blush with shimmer and right side is super pale pink for highlighting with shimmer too.    I don't use the cream blush because I don't know how to use it *stupid me* hahaha.. But sometimes I use it before I apply the powder blush 🙂  And the blush is SUPER pigmented. I apply it using the bonbon stick because my regular brush on blush can't reach this small side of the blush ._. And yeah when I applied it to cheek by tapping it (I have to be patient with this part), I'm puzzled. Why the colour didn't show up on my cheek? So I keep tapping it again and again and finally I gave up with it and did other things. But when I looked at mirror once again after I had finished all my make up process, I was shocked. My cheek was so pinky at the moment and so shimmery. -,- Hahaha so that's a learning for me. The colour will show up itself later so I don't have to be panicked if my cheek colour is still the same when I apply it 🙂   So this is the close up look for the bonbon stick. I don't know how to call it so I just use the name from Sasa's decription :p It's fluffy and feel soft when touch it to my face. But the minus point is the fur or whatever you call it, it likes to fall down and stick to my face or my hair 😐 So I have to make sure that at the end of my make-up routine, there is no fur left in my face.   This is the small brush. For the quality, I think it's ok. But I don't know how to use it. I mean it's too small for blush. So I just use it for highlighting.   Swatches on my hand with natural sun light.  a. Powder blush b. Highlighter c. Cream blush (sorry if you can't see it clearly. I've applied it two or three times but it's still difficult to be seen on camera)   Two pics of mine when using the cute blush. These pics taken around two months ago when my hair was still long :') And I took the pic after using the blush for around 5 or 6 hours 🙂   It gives me natural fresh look <3     What I like:   Super cute packaging (this is the main reason why I bought it xD) ♥ Pigmented colour. Make sure you don't take the blush too much. 🙂 Has shimmer on it. Cute bonbon stick :p 3 in 1 blush.  What I dislike: Hard to find in my country. Maybe I can order it from online shop but the price will be higher than Sasa. I think Sasa is the best place to shop for Japanese brand cosmetics. Pricey for me ._. Have to use it carefully as I said before, it's super pigmented. You don't want to end up looking so bright or so shimmery :p Rating: 4.5 out of 5   Have you guys tried this blush? 😀

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Written by virgo

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