Etude House Proof 10 Color Eye Stick Review

Recently I prefer to use stick eyeshadow because it’s more practical. Do you know about Color Eye Stick from Etude House? It’s part of their summer 2013 collection, from Bling in The Sea line.
Most of Bling in The Sea line products come in a sea blue packaging which I think is so lovely. <3 There are two sides, one side is the color stick, and the other side is the smudge tip.       There are 10 colors for you to choose, every color is beautiful that makes me had a hard time to choose what color I want XD In the end I chose #6 BL602 Ocean Wave Blue, #12 OR203 Squeeze Orange, and #13 BE102 Sand Gold. The name of the product is printed the same with the product colour 😀     Not only that, on the color stick cap, the color is shown too so you can easily differentiate one from another if you have more than one color stick ^^                   This is the smudge tip so you don’t have to use separate brush to smudge the eyeshadow 😉   Let’s see the swatch on my hand:     As you can see, all of the colours are very pretty and they contain shimmer, with flash the shimmer is so shining *.* It takes three times applying to get swatches like photo above. But I think the quality is much better than their single powder eyeshadow. Besides we don’t have to be afraid with the fall out, the colour is more pigmented too 😀       The reason why I choose blue and orange colour is to go colourful once in a while. :p While for the gold one, at first I thought it was beige colour but turns out it is gold ._. All of them look so good on my eyes. OR203 is really suitable for summer, which Etude really focused on orange colour. This eyeshadow will really match the orange lips colour. Hihi. When I used the orange colour, I think my favourite colour was orange but I was wrong. When I used the blue, wowww the colour captures my heart XD hahhahaa.. It’s truly sea blue colour, looks so fresh. <3 <3 <3   The gold colour is standard because I often use gold colour, I don’t feel anything special  from this colour, sorry XD           Then I tried the smudgeproof and waterproof test. I tried to smudge it after dried, and nothing changed. The colour is still there perfectly. Then I put my hand under running water and the colour is still there too. :O After that, I rubbed my hand. After rubbing it really hard for several times, it turned out to be like that. Most of it have gone. I think this eyeshadow stick is very unique, since the residue is like liquid eyeliner residue when you tried to remove it with eye makeup remover. :O And I think it’s kinda hard to remove the eyeshadow from my eyelid since it’s really waterproof. So if you want to swim or take photo inside water, this eyeshadow stick really suits you. ^^     - practical to use  - all colours are pretty - pigmented - waterproof!         - hard to remove       For you who want everything quick and simple and want waterproof eyeshadow that is longlasting, you can try this Color Eye Stick. Honestly, I was not interested at all with this product, but thanks to Korean Noona that have let me tried them and now I really really like it because the quality is good ^^     Korean Noona Website: Facebook page: Pin BB: 2918F6D2/2A841205 LINE: sherlinacelynn / novitagoh SMS: 0877 9122 2727 email: (pre-order only)     I hope this review can help you. Thank you for reading! ^^                                        [snax_content]

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Written by virgo

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