Etude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper Review

Hi everyone. Have you ever heard about Woo Baby Lip Plumper from Etude House? I know it long time ago, but recently Etude House made new packaging to this product so we can consider it as new product hihi..
It’s available in tow colors: Sheer Volume and Shimmering Pink Volume.
The old packaging is much slimmer and taller but the current packaging is much shorter and bigger, just like Color Lips-fit packaging, but its bottle is transparent so you can see how many products left in the tube.
What’s the concept of lip plumper? I think that it’s just like lip gloss, only the name is different, to make your lips look plumper.
*the left one is number #2, the right one is number #1*
Colour no 1 and 2 is almost similar, what differentiate them is just there is a pink shimmer on lip plumper no 2. You can use lip plumper no 1 more freely because it’s transparent but for no 2, maybe it’s just suitable for party or when you’re hanging out wuth friends because you will look too much if using shimmering lip plumper to office or college, well that’s just my opinion.
There is illustration on how to use the product at the box. You can just apply on part of the lips that you want to look plumper or apply it to all of your lips. XD
 Started from inner part of lips, then spread it to outer part. You can add a layer again after that, only in the inner part of lips to look more dimensional.
From distance, you can’t tell what number I used, they look. exactly the same but when you look closer, you can tell that number 2 has pink shimmers. 🙂
In these photos, I used the lip plumper on top of matte lip cream to make it less dry and looks more glossy.
What’s unique from the lip plumper is the mint scent and sensation. The mint sensation makes your lips feel cold, exactly the same like when you eat mint candy. I don’t have proble with the scent and sensation but some people who don’t like mint scent may avoid this product.
Unfortunately, just like lip gloss, the staying power is just average. I can feel the mint sensation for around 30 minutes but the moisturizing effect is much longer than that.
I recommend Etude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper for:
1. People who want their lips to look fuller and sexier :p
2. As top coat for lipstick or lip lacquer to make it look shiny and more moisturize.
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Written by virgo

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  1. I'm such a fool for lip items. This looks and appears to be fab! I really really like your website. I've been trying to adhere to you for a short time now but it doesn't let me!Wow, this has a awesome and clearly noticeable impact. I was thinking if you would see any distinction at all, when I frst saw it in an on the internet store. Thanks for the review!Lip Plumper

  2. aaaakk ini bukan sih yang aku dapet saat beli color lips fit O_o aku malah jd seneng pake itunya doang sekarang tanpa color lips fit nya , cm wktu itu aku dapatnya botol kecil dan ga ada packagingnya jd beneran gatau itu apa hehehe, maaci cece pencerahannya :*

  3. I bought one of these plumpers the other day but I must say the mint scent disappointed me! I do love mint but constantly having that cool minty feel on your lips was too annoying for me…

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