A’Pieu Hair Match Browcara Review

Hi All! Today I want to share brow product review to all of you. Actually I’ve been using this product for months but never thought to do review about it. Then why did I suddenly change my mind? Well, I tell you the reason later on this post :p
At that time, I was looking for brow mascara. I wanted to try something new from other brand, so I took a look at A’Pieu website and found this brow mascara. Get It Beauty recommended this mascara so I think it must be something worth to try, right? Besides, it’s not expensive at all, only KRW6,000. There are 3 colours available: Choco Brown, Milk Brown, and Golden Brown. I picked Choco Brown. 🙂
Don’t you think the packaging is lovely? I always love brown colour packaging, and with lovely flowers design printed on the tube, which girl won’t like it? Hihi.. It doesn’t look cheap at all, in fact it looks elegant, thanks to the glossy material of the tube.
Why am I interested on trying brow mascara? My favourite brow product is the crayon type, you know like Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. But the brow hair colour will stay the same so I think brow mascara can do its job to colour the brow hair.
All this time, I used it together with my Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow (will review it soon!). I use Holika Holika first to draw and fill in the gap, then use this browcara. But I always feel like I didn’t see any difference before and after using it. Hahahha 😐 Then around two weeks ago, I was lazy to bring along my Holika Holika Auto Eyebrow because one side of the cap is easily detached nowadays so I just use this browcara. And guess what?  I can fill my eyebrow faster using only this product and it still looks very very natural! Well, for a more defined brow, maybe I have to draw the end line with brow crayon, but for my office look, this kind of brow is enough. 😀 Yeay..
You don’t have to brush the hair too hard, or else you will feel pain because of the brush :p It’s not waterproof either but I don’t rub my brow often or pour water there hahaha so I think that’s alright. :p
I think that A’Pieu products also have nice quality but not many people use it in Indonesia (I think) because it’s not as popular as Etude House, Face Shop, etc. Hehhehe..

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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