Face Shop Face It Extreme Bold Pen Liner Review

I went to Face Shop’s store at Pluit Village three weeks ago and unexpectedly I purchased this. At first, I just want to buy sparkling powder (i forget the exact name) but since it’s under Rp 100k, I can’t get any discount (min. purchase is Rp 200k). So I browsed around the shop and what captured my attention was this eyeliner. I tried it on my mom’s eyes and the colour looked so intense. Finally I only bought this one  because the price is quite expensive, above Rp 250k. 😐
As I know, Face Shop Face It Extreme Pen Liner has two types: bold and flat. Just by looking at the box, you can see that it looks really professional. 
Description written in Hangeul at the back of the box.
“Face Shop Extreme Bold Pen Liner”
But thanx God there is also description in English at the side of the box. 😀
Do you recognize her? Yes, she’s Kim Na Na. Ups.. I mean Park Min Young. XD
From Face Shop’s website:
Bold pen eyeliner that provides a power line for stronger eye looks.
From the beginning of the eye tip, get the line naturally and fill in the empty spaces in between lashes.
Size: 2.2g
The packaging is really simple: full with black colour with gold printing. I think most of my makeup products look cute, so I don’t mind having this kind of packaging sometimes. :p  
It really looks like permanent marker, just shorter. 
Close-up look of the tip. 
Swatches on my hand. The colour is really intense right? 😀
This liner is really easy to use. Because the tip is not flexible like brush eyeliner, it makes the drawing easier in my opinion. 😀 
I admit that it’s not that easy to draw a thin line like brush liner, but that’s not what this liner claim to do, right?  This liner is good for bold look. 
It can be removed with water. As usual, I tried the waterproof test by placing my hand under running water and then rub it. Guess what? It’s easily removed! Errr.. I don’t know whether it’s a good news or bad news, all I know is I shouldn’t use this liner if I’m going to cry. But how can you predict when will you cry and when won’t you? Huahahha xD
As I said before, the colour is really intense. It’s as intense as liquid liner, and darker than gel liner. So if you are not that expert of using liquid liner, you can use this liner. It dries fast so you don’t need to worry that it will smudge everywhere when you open your eyes after the application. 😉 You can re-apply it to get the intensity you want. But it’s better to do it fast before the previous application dried on your eyes or else it will become cracked. 😐
ed to draw thin line and this is the thinnest line I could draw. ._.
This is the bolder look. Yeay.. I really love the result. xD
What I like:
 easy to use, even for a beginner
 intense black colour
 dries fast
What I dislike:
 not waterproof
 not careful re-application will make it cracked
I would give it 5 stars if only it’s waterproof 🙁
So here are some photos of me using the eyeliner :p
Huahahhaa.. Sorry for the pics spam :p That’s all for today.. Don’t forget to join my giveaway ^^
See you ~

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Written by virgo

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