Graymelin CC Base Cream Review

Are you familiar with Greymelin name or product? Honestly I’m not and never used this brand before. Luckily I got a chance to try their CC Cream. CC Cream is really popular some times ago (or are they still popular until now?) and I’ve gotten into the trend too hahahhaa ._.
Graymelin CC Base Cream comes in a black box. The design is really vintage, just like its name: Graymelin Vintage ^^
ly popular some times ago (or are they still popular until now?) and I’ve gotten into the trend too hahahhaa ._.
And what amazed me is there is a really really detail explanation about the CC Cream on English language at the side of the box. Even they gave detail of ingredients both in Hangeul and English. Wow :O I think other Korean brands should have English description too on their products, because nowadays many foreigners use their products too, right? J
I don’t have to say much about what is CC Cream and what this CC Cream claims because it’s really detail stated on the box! XD 
The color of the tube is in black colour. It’s really simple with white color for the font. But however it looks like expensive product to me, probably because of the shining material of the tube 😀
The CC Cream comes in white colour, the consistency is neither too thick nor runny, but it’s more to runny side. Just like Tony Moly CC Cream, this CC Cream also contains grey/blue mini capsule that contains the color changing effect. But I can say that the color changing process can’t really be seen. I tried to rub it slowly at the back of my hand to show the color changing process. It’s really slow and it doesn’t really turn to beige colour, only semi-beige colour. I don’t mind the colour changing effect that much though.
Actually I didn’t have high expectation on this CC Cream. But on my first usage of this product, it surprised me. Why? It evens out my skin tone! You can see it clearly on the pic above and the pic below. 😀
My first usage of this CC Cream was when I made After School Nana First Love Makeup Tutorial (check it out here), even Dewi commented about the CC Cream 😀
The coverage is sheer, just like most of CC Creams out there. If you have no acne scars (lucky you), then you can just go out with using this CC Cream because it looks as if you don’t use any makeup but have brighter complexion ^^ But if you want more coverage, you can apply BB Cream or BB cushion afterwards and the result will get better. 😀
Much better after applying air cushion on top of the CC Cream? But still the acne scars can be seen because IOPE Air Cushion has sheer coverage 😉
It gives slightly dewy finish to give you a healthy face look. Not too much, so don’t be worry for you who don’t like dewy finish. As for me, I think the dewy finish is not enough. XP
What I like:
 nice packaging
 even out my skin tone!
 gives dewy finish
 subtle floral scent
What I dislike:
 doesn’t contain any SPF
Retailed on KRW12,900, it’s a nice product to try. 🙂 You can find out more about Graymelin’s products on their website but it’s all in hangeul 🙂
Oh and by the way, do you watch Marry Him if You Dare/The Future Choice, starring Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah? 😀 
I’ve watched 2 episodes and Yong Hwa is so handsome there XD While for Eun Hye, I like her makeup more on Missing You ._.
I really hope she could be with Yong Hwa in this drama but seems like the story won’t go like that ;_;
And why do I talk so randomly about this drama? Because I think they use Graymelin in this drama, found this pic on Graymelin’s website ^^
So that’s all for now. Visit BNT News for updated news about Korean fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment.  ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Awesome review, ! The cream really does even out the skintone! (And yeah, products should really have good english translations for more customers haha. I've seen some of the etude house english instructions and stuff… omg. They're so bad.)

    And I'm currently watching Mirae as well! I don't really like it, but meh. It's something to watch on mondays/tuesdays. I have NO IDEA why the english title translation is "Marry him if you dare"… just… why… .__.

  2. wohh ternyata warna creamnya putih n lama ngblend sama warna kulit gitu ya rin.. tp di kamu ga terlalu keliatan putih >_< , tp km uda putih sih haha
    perfect bgt kalau ditambah air cushion, jadi lebih glowing 😀
    makasih ya reviewnya.. hihi penasaran sama cc cream ini, lebih mirip rachel cc cream ya vintage2 gitu desainya hihihi :*

  3. hahahaha i also see some translation that is so mehhh ._.

    The story is just so so, right? I'm bored actually but I want to see Yonghwa hahahah XD
    Hmmm I think it's because of the future Mirae tell her to not marry Dong Gun, so the title is kinda like threat from the older Mirae? XD

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