Etude House CC Cream #2 Glow and Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream Review

I have uploaded pictures for this post for some weeks but too lazy to write review about it. ._-
So I will just make this a short post.
I got this Etude House CC Cream and Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream from Etude House event I attended, you can read the post here.
The CC Cream comes in a soft pink box which makes it look so cute, especially with that crown detail that border the CC Cream name. <3 While the BB Cream has a white box packaging, just ordinary.     Etude House CC Cream comes in two versions: one is silky and the other one is glow. I told you before that I bought #silky version and I don't like it because the finish is matte. So I feel so lucky to be able to get the #glow version from Etude House Indonesia. ^^   What this CC Cream claims: 1. Natural coverage for nude makeup Magic layering capsule for natural coverage & tone correcting for any types/colors of skin   2. 8-in-1 total solution Wrinkle Caring Essence + Stress Caring Essence + Moisturizing + Sun Block + Whitening Essence + Makeup Base + Primer + Glossy Volumer   Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream is the silky version of previous Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream.   There are 3 shades available and I got the N02 Light Beige shade. This is the first time I have this shade. Usually I use W13 shade since I think it matches my skin colour better.   Swatch on my hand: The white one is the CC Cream and next to it is the BB Cream. Etude House CC Cream comes in a white colour with tiny blue grains. It will match your skin tone after few seconds. The BB Cream is in light beige colour with yellow undertones.      I can say that I like #glow version better than #silky version since I like glowy finish. Sadly it doesn't give any coverage so I can't use it alone without adding BB Cream on top of it. And somehow it is flaky on some spots, that I think is drier, my face is just like peeling on some spot >.< But aside of that, it has a nice floral scent that doesn't last too long. It makes my face looks much fairer and more dewy. ^^    While for the BB Cream, the texture is the same like Bright Fit version, but it is less heavier and doesn't give dewy finish. The coverage is medium to full since the texture is quite thick. For you who like matte finish, you will need to combine CC Cream #Silky and this BB Cream. From the colour,I'm surprised that the colour matches my skin tone too. :O So I think in the future I don't have to always purchase the second colour, since I can use the lighter version too XD     CC Cream What I like:  glowy finish  nice floral scent  feels light on face  has many skin care properties  brightens my complexion   What I dislike:  doesn't give any coverage  flaky on dry spot area   BB Cream What I like:  medium to full coverage  doesn't make me break out   What I dislike:  silky finish   If you are interested to try out this product, you can buy it at Etude House Indonesia counter in mall or you can buy it online too.   So that's all for now.   Thank you for reading ^^          

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Written by virgo

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  1. cc creamny kliatannya cm bikin glowy aja y ce di tangannya cc, itu di wajahnya cc kayaknya lmyn cover ps digabung sm bbc nya, sayang kayakny g begitu glowy ato mata q yg kurang g jelas liad potony yak, aq malah kepengen nyuba yg inisfree cc creamnya, ohh cc cream cc cream ~

  2. Uda coba cc creamnya, hasilnya emank bikin glow *sukabanget* tapi sayang coveragenya yg kurang jadi lebih sering dijadiin base aja^^ jadi penasaran ama bb creamnya, kayanya bagus kalo digabungin ya. Suka ikutan post2 kamu selalu bikin penasaran^.^ Nice review ♥

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